Me and Me


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alisonc-1 8 / 10 / 10

Complex, Confusing and Compelling

Young married couple Soo-hyuk, teacher in a small village, and his gentle wife Yi-young, seem to have a perfect life, but Yi-young becomes something savage after night falls. When the villagers see this first-hand, they all agree to keep her locked up overnight in a special cage-locked part of the couple's house. Sadly, when husband and wife are sleeping together in that space, an errant spark causes a house fire that kills them both. Detective Hyung-gu is sent from the city to investigate this, just to make sure it was an accident, but while he's in the village, strange things begin to happen to him: is he indeed the detective investigating the case, or is he really the teacher who apparently never died in the fire? How can he explain his memories of himself to himself in this new-world context? I have to say I didn't entirely grasp the story here; I never understood how the detective becomes the teacher, but that's part of the focus of the tale because the story's detective also doesn't understand that. In a sense, it's a thought-piece about the nature of identity and how fragile that can be; in another sense, it's a nightmare of lives stolen with no explanation. What I *can* say is that the acting is superb; Cho Jin-woong (who I also saw in Fantasia 2020's "Jesters: The Game Changers" in a completely different role) is exquisite in his portrayal of a man who, suddenly and inexplicably, finds himself inhabiting the life and role of another person whom he knows he is not, but trapped in that world. Exquisite, even though I must say I don't yet understand it; another viewing may likely be needed!

Reviewed by sasham-86608 7 / 10 / 10

skip ths one

Big waste of time ,,you watch and watch nd nothing at end ,,,

Reviewed by shanbhattacharya_ 7 / 10 / 10

Unpredictable, compelling, innovative... but sometimes out of the filmmaker's own grasp.

'Sarajin shigan' (boringly retitled in English as 'Me and Me') has one of the most innovative and original plot threads I have encountered this year. To know anything about the film's plot beforehand, apart from what's written in the logline, will seriously diminish the joy of discovering the story's bold, unpredictable turns. The genre treatment is very refreshing too, since this is one of those movies that do not fall in any particular category. The basic premise is a rather supernatural fantasy, but the course of events tend to run like a satirical social drama, and there's always an air of mystery hanging in the atmosphere. And intriguingly, the film manages to knit all these together into a compelling narrative - a very praiseworthy job. But truth be told, maybe in the hands of a more experienced writer/director these ideas would have flourished to their full potential. There are a few instances where the scope of the narrative and plot threads run beyond the grasp of the director, resulting in some relatively weaker, confusing scenes, especially towards the end. Also, all the actors did great to turn this rather outlandish story extremely convincing. A current trend among Korean films is to pick up plot elements from established genre structures (like horror, thriller, sci-fi) and remodel them into a completely different genre of filmmaking, thus conveying sociopolitical standpoints by subverting their origins. This film should rightfully be placed along with the best examples of that trend, for its ingenuity, if only its narrative craft were as good.

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