Measure for Measure

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kaneeddy 7 / 10 / 10

A good adaptation of the William Shakespeare play

Measure for Measure does a lot of things right, starting with very good performance's from the whole cast especially Hugo Weaving, Harrison Gilbertson and Megan Hajjar, who all add a lot of emotion and put a large amount of passion in the film and it most definitely reflects well with their performances. The writing for the most part is well done, and you can definitely respect the talent of writers, Paul Ireland and Damian Hill for condensing a 4 hour Shakespeare play into a 2 hour adaptation with its own unique spin. The whole decision of making the film have an Australian underbelly, featuring two opposing gangs was unique and in that you get to explore the nitty gritty side of Melbourne at times which is very interesting to see. The shots of the city landscape during the film are also well done and at times can feel like a love letter to Melbourne. This film is not perfect however, and I think some of it has to come from the source material, there are elements to the film that seem very sappy and cheesy at some points. Also the opening scene has some themes that make the film very intense and adds some serious weight whilst also speaking on some issues that Australia has faced when it comes to Crystal Meth, then it takes a complete 180 and becomes a love story for a good portion of the film which makes it hard to adjust to these differences. The film takes a good amount of time to find its footing, however once it did the film became very enjoyable to watch. Overall I had a good time with Measure for Measure and it was an excellent experience to see this at the Brisbane International Film Festival and go to a Q & A with Director Paul Ireland, I just wish it had found a more harmonic balance between the gang and romantic themes in the story, especially in the beginning of the film.

Reviewed by anthonyjlangford 8 / 10 / 10

More cheese than a Bega factory

Adaptation or not, you have to present material to an audience that is palpable. The source material is really irrelevant. The presentation, in both script and direction feels amateurish and cliché. The crime element has been done to death. The romantic angle is so poorly presented, especially the early montage, complete with cheesy music. The drone shots are overdone and the direction is stale overall. The only thing that saves this film is the obvious class of Hugo Weaving, though the film is not worthy of him. Megan Smart tries. Nice to John Brumpton here too. Australian funding bodies seem to have no interest in bringing in an audience. They all want to create some cultural art that reaches no one, made by the middle to upper classes, telling working class stories. It's a joke. We need original stories that can also entertain. You can create cultural significant stories while embedding in well crafted entertainment, such as in Mystery Road or crime tales like The Boys and Animal Kingdom. Surely there are also other stories worth telling? The Australian Film Industry seems to make films for itself, trying to 'educate' society from the outside, writing their scripts in Albert Park cafes, wanting to change the world with their colossal egos, thumbing their stuck-up noses at audiences. At least, that's what they're funding. Plenty of good scripts, no doubt, never see the light of day. How much talent has Australia lost to overseas? Not just actors but writers, directors, producers, cinematographers, the works. We need to invest money in actual talent and foster them from the ground up and lop off the head of nepotism. Too many people have given up because they can't catch a break while 'important' crap like this keeps getting made. Decent Australian films seem so far and few between. Maybe the concept sounded delicious over a second bottle of red and a seafood linguine in a South Melbourne restaurant but all they delivered was a dried-out cheeseburger.

Reviewed by roger-99-171599 8 / 10 / 10

Highly convincing, Intense and Ultra Violent.

A visionary, modern take on the Shakespeare's novel of the same title, actor-turned-director Paul Ireland's sophomore feature is an intricated multi-character study set on a complex apartment dealing with a spiral of ethnic violence. Hugo Weaving gives a stunning performance as a gangster longing for retirement, when one of his buyers goes on a violent rampage around the complex, shooting and killing several immigrants, as he became intolerant for non-English speakers. Known as "The Duke", Pearce's strong yet fragile, about to collapse presence, is the core of the film, as most of the interactions and arrangements made throughout the narrative are connected to his wish and power over the gentrified community: during the shooting the lives of a street musician named Claudio and a conservative Muslim girl named Jaiwara are romantically crossed, as they engage on an adventurous, forbidden coming of age relationship. The lovebirds are immediately disapproved by her family, especially her very dangerous and merciless brother who operates another criminal "fraternity" and is The Duke's most prolific rival. As The Duke steps outside town to restore his health, the business' command is given to Angelo, but his temperamental, out-of-control behavior keeps The Duke's eyes over the tumultuous situations, as he still intervenes even from a distance. The racial and religious conflicts continue to rise among them, betrayal, conspiracy and the unjust arrest of Claudio, who sees himself in jail accused of something he didn't do. Filled with convincing performances from a brilliantly synched cast, impressively shot, and structured with an enigmatic, charismatic sense of intimacy, Ireland conceived a knockout epic-style urbane tale about masculinity, loyalty, principles, solidarity and rage, as well as a beautifully intense forbidden love story. It's an efficient, never exhausting, multi layered and well-done modern thriller. Can't wait to see what Mr. Ireland will do next.

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