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Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10 / 10

Cooking and Threesome

In a seaside village in Spain, the teenager Sofía (Olivia Molina) is a bad student that helps her father Ramón (Roberto Álvarez) and her mother Loren (Carmen Balagué) in the kitchen of the small family restaurant and dreams on becoming the best chef in the world. Her best childhood friends are the correct Toni (Paco León) and the reckless Frank (Alfonso Bassave). When Sofía finds that Ramón is bisexual, she leaves her fiancé Toni to work with Frank in a five stars hotel and has one night stand with him. However, she returns to her village when she gets pregnant and marries Toni. Years later, Frank also returns to his village and Sofía loves Toni and Frank and they all live together as a threesome. Sofía cooks with passion and her top-notch culinary is recognized by other chefs. However, when Frank decides to get married and have a normal life, the relationship between Sofía and Toni is affected. "Dieta Mediterránea" is an unconventional romance about cooking and threesome. The story is a combination of "Dona Flor e Seus Dois Maridos" with "Woman on Top", but does not work well since Sofía is a non-likable character that does not care to her children. Actually, all the characters are not well-developed and the plot expects to be fashionable but does not convince. My vote is five. Title (Brazil): "Dieta Mediterrânea" ("Mediterranean Diet")

Reviewed by ma-cortes 9 / 10 / 10

Romantic and charming Spanish film about a successful cook with good cast who gives nice interpretation

Sofia's story set in a seaside town in Spain, the best chef the world, and the two men who helped her to become a legend. As the story of various people , set against the backdrop of a glamorous tasting menu meal and a trendy restaurant, especially dealing with Sofía (Olivia Molina) who cooks with love and passion. She begins at a kitchen of the small family restaurant until getting the greatest international knowledges and create one of the world's best restaurant associated with molecular gastronomy, winning Michelin Stars . A highly praised restaurant is mostly so a platform that allows for the characters attending , to act and speak in an affected manner. As her awesome culinary skill is recognized by other chefs and all around Spain and all over the world . And reuniting for a once gastron-in-lifetime meal at his famous restaurant the best Chefs and prestigious critics . Along the way , Sofia becomes involved in a peculiar relation with her best childhood friends (Paco León, Alfonso Basssave), they all living together as a threesome, she gets pregnant and decides to get married and to have three children. Romantic Spanish comedy with fine actors , charming incidents , love stories , and decent direction . Uplifting , agreeable comedy with fun events , amusement , entertaining situations , dealing with a luxurious restaurant and its iterative creative process on tasty dishes . As the picture displays examined the methods behind the creation of signature dishes . This enjoyable film packs amusement , comical as well as some dramatic situations , a diverting comedy including conventional pitfalls and many other things . This is a slightly funny film with entertaining events , giggles , emotion and a peculiar threesome relation among the tres protagonists : Olivia Molina , Paco León and Alfonso Bassave . This is another Spanish loving comedy romp , it is a bemusing story that contains lots of humor , entertainment , and involving Masterchefs , higher-class guests , and other people . This restaurant where is developed the action bears remarkable resemblance ¨El Celler de Can Roca¨ and ¨El Bulli¨ , the latter was closed on July 30, 2011 and was reopened as a creativity centre in 2014 . This fabulous restaurant had a limited season and bookings were taken on a single day after the closing of the current season . Trio starrring are pretty good , such as : Olivia Molina as the stubborn woman who dreams on becoming the best chef in the world , Paco León as her husband Toni and Alfonso Bassave as the enterprising Frank . Last but not least, there are some interesting performances from a fine support cast , such as: Carmen Balagué , Roberto Álvarez , Jordi Martínez and Jesús Castejón. Colorful cinematography by Albert Pascual, showing splendidly luxurious restaurants and other exteriors , being filmed on location in Arenys de Mar, Barcelona, Canet de Mar, Mataró, Pineda de Mar, San Pol de Mar, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain . As well as lively musical score by Josep Mas 'Kitflus' and Salvador Niebla. The motion picture was well written and directed directed by Joaquin Oristrell expert on filming comedies (Dieta Mediterranea , unconscious , Novios , ? De Que Rien Las Mujeres ¿) but most famous as writer (Love causes seriously damage your health , Off Key , Between your legs , Extasis). The flick will appeal to Spanish cinema fonds . Rating : Good and entertaining , bot neither extraordinary , nor notable , but acceptable and passable.

Reviewed by johno-21 9 / 10 / 10

Fun food

I saw this last month at the Palm Springs International Film Festival where it played to packed theaters. This is a fun romantic-comedy from veteran writer/director Joaquín Oristrell and co-written with Oristrell by another film vet, Yolanda Garcia Serrano. Sophia (Olivia Molina) has been raised working in her parents small family restaurant. She can't make up her mind between two men she's known since childhood. Toni (Paco León) is faithful, hardworking and perfect husband material. Frank (Alfonso Bassave) is a slick, handsome jet setter who is in the same profession of food service as Sophia but Frank has upscale industry connections and realizes Sophia has the talent at cooking to be a five star chef. Sophia wants to follow her dreams of owning an upscale restaurant and knows Frank has the keys to helping her but she also does not want to lose Toni so the three come to an unlikely arrangement that will keep them all together. It's a bright and clever script with great comedic dialog and a certain innocence of simple fun about it. A great cast and excellent support from Carmen Balagué as Sophia's mother Loren. Wonderful cinematography by Albert Pascual and a beautiful on screen look by production designer Lorenç Miquel and set decoration by Elisabet Diaz. This is an entertaining film and the audiences at the PSIFF loved it. I would give this a 9.0 out of 10 and recommend it.

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