Meet My Valentine

Drama / Romance

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April 8, 2020


Courtney Ford as Valentine Bishop
David Leisure as Byron
Kristen Miller as Brynn
Scott Wolf as Tom Bishop
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by heavenlysonshine 9 / 10 / 10

I was surprised...

To be completely honest, when I scrolled past this move on Netflix, I thought it would be some cheaply made, easy movie that someone could make a lame excuse to watch on Valentines Day. To be frank: I was dead wrong. Tom is a middle aged artist with a fading marriage and a life sentence of 9 months to a year. Val,his wife, is a chef with her own blossoming career ahead of her. With their marriage placed on the back burner, Tom and Val are falling out of like and their lives are leading on without much of a fight. When Tom gets the news that he has a brain tumor, he decides on his own to find his replacement via with the help of his goofy (friend?/brother?) Mac. When the box labeled "Interests" are left open for Tom to fill, he sets out to find out more about his wife and in the process of this, falls in love again. I really enjoyed just watching the relationship kind of "re-bud" after a clearly long dry period. The actors and actresses were engaging to watch and the movie in and of itself did grow. Audiences were not stuck watching someone continually mourn the sickness. I was genuinely impressed and authentically surprised. The movie had it's moments, yet in the long run it was really quite good.

Reviewed by spasek 10 / 10 / 10

Writers Take a Chance With a Spin and Only Barely Succeed

Most everyone has seen the clichéd versions of the dying loved one. It's been done so many times, that one has to wonder if there is any other creative way to do it. The writers of "Meet My Valentine" feel that they've come up with one. Unfortunately, it's a movie that barely delivers. While I applaud the writers for trying something new and different, they don't quite pull it off. Tom Bishop is a married man who finds out that he's terminally ill. It's clear that he loves his wife, Val (Valentine) and daughter, Phoebe. However, instead of telling his wife about his illness, he conceals it from her. He doesn't want emotion, and it's obvious that he believes he's sparing his family the physical suffering he will endure. The writers don't realize, that had they stuck to this premise, the movie would have worked. Instead, they take it a step further. With the realization that he's going to die in about a year's time, Tom decides that he needs to find a new husband/father for his family. This is where the movie spends too much time dealing with Tom screening potential men. It borders on the ludicrous, which is why it fails. And instead of feeling sympathy toward Tom, we actually find ourselves amazed at his cowardice and selfishness. While Tom believes he's doing it for his family, the truth is, he's only doing it for himself. He hasn't the emotional maturity to actually talk to his wife and daughter about what he's going through. Again, had the writers focused on this, the movie would have worked. The climax of the film comes much too late (at about an hour and fifteen minutes), and the conclusion much too quick, contrived, and easy to be believed. I really wanted this movie to be more than it was. It had so much potential, especially with stellar performances by the cast. But ultimately, the movie just doesn't work very well. At this point, I'd much rather watch a clichéd movie on this subject. Or better yet, give me a "Highway to Heaven" episode instead. Michael Landon was a master with stories like these.

Reviewed by goofyone777 10 / 10 / 10

WOW! This movie has been part of my REAL life!

Thank you so much for making this movie! It really showed how someone with a terminal illness can be concerned about the loved ones in their life. Dealing with a terminal illness is hard; but not accepting loved one's love and concern while you are going through it is NOT good for the patient and/or the loved ones. My husband has NOT reached out to his loved ones but it was GREAT to see how it could have been. I REALLY would like to purchase this movie if/when it comes out on DVD. I do HOPE it will come out on DVD SOON. Many others can be blessed by this movie! Please put this movie out soon.

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