Mercy Black

Horror / Mystery / Thriller

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Austin Amelio as Preston
Daniella Pineda as Jen Morales
Lee Eddy as Terri Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jugtoxic 4 / 10 / 10

Not original

Honestly from the second I heard that blumhouse released a surprise horror movie on Netflix I was pretty excited to watch it..... and then I did. The movie itself wouldn't have been so mediocre if they used a plot that didn't already exist. Literally this entire movie right down to the concept is literally slender man with a different name. The movie was not scary and again it was something we have seen a billion times and still they weren't able to get it correct on the screen.

Reviewed by treetrailman 6 / 10 / 10

Nothing Happens

This movie is so slow it is almost unbearable. Every scene turns out to be a let down. Actually, if you want a bad horror to judge other horror films off of, this one is great for that.

Reviewed by FckVwls 6 / 10 / 10

Decent B Horror Movie

Not sure why all the negative reviews. When you watch a movie like this, you're in it for the creepiness and jump scares, and this picture delivers. Acting is decent for a horror movie and the Mercy Black character is super creepy! Sure it's reminiscent of Slender Man, but it's creative in its own right and there is plenty of creepy imagery including evil, murderous kids (evil children are the creepiest creeps!), weird witchy masks, and masochistic crazy women who work in school libraries! For me this was scarier than Slender Man, and better orchestrated. It's got plot holes and flaws, of course, but what B horror doesn't? This is the perfect movie to cuddle up with your honey on a Friday night, make some buttered popcorn, turn off all the lights... And just let yourself experience something fun, scary and other worldly. No it's not a masterpiece... But it's a hell of a lot better than most of the horror movies out there. Do yourself a favor, ignore the negative reviews, and enjoy this movie.

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