Midnight Clear



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Dallas Jenkins as Dad / TV / Radio
Diane Delano as Trudy
Richard Riehle as Tommy
Stephen Baldwin as Desmond Caine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by osborntj-1 9 / 10 / 10

Good story, well told

I knew this was a remake, but I had not seem the short version. So I had no history for comparison. The script is strong. The performances are excellent, as is the direction. The primary characters are rich, but the lesser roles, particularly the plant security man are very well done. Knowing the limitations of a budget less than $1M, I was expecting to see production flaws. But I couldn't find them. The production values are extraordinary. That's true of cinematography, sound, lighting, score, sets, props, on and on. The movie gives some satisfaction, and leaves one saddened at the same time. Such is life. But it's a wonderful movie, one that everyone with family members and friends who are lonely at Christmas, should see.

Reviewed by dandewald 8 / 10 / 10

Quality Christmas character drama

This movie is a great character piece with quality performances from the established actors. I saw it at Cinequest. I recommend it to those who like character TV dramas -- "Six Feet Under," "Once & Again," "My So-Called Life" or recent films like "The Savages" or "Lars and the Real Girl." It had the ability to be moving, without being saptastic. It shows the holidays for what they can be - without the dark, Sundance festival-type cynicism. Who knew Stephen Baldwin had this performance in him. Kae is predictably good in her aching performance of a woman on the verge. This film should be seen beyond channels like Sundance and IFC - I'd love to see it on FX or AMC next Christmas. But definitely worth the price of the DVD. Dan

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 8 / 10 / 10

A Very Beautiful and Uplifting Film about a Collection of Act of Kindness Affecting Lives

In the Christmas Eve, Lefty (Stephen Baldwyn) is a homeless and unemployed alcoholic loser that will lose the right to see his son. In despair, he trades a gun and is ready to heist a convenience store and commit suicide. Eva (K Callan) is a lonely old lady estranged from her family that is ready to commit suicide. Kirk (Kirk B.R. Woller) is the owner of a convenience store and gas station that feels stranded in his work. Mary (Mary Thornton) is a mother that is raising her young son alone after the accident of her husband that has brain damage. Mitch (Mitchell Jarvis) is a youngster that belongs to a Christian group of youths that does not understand the reason why they should visit lonely old people of his community in the Christmas Eve. The lonely and depressed persons have their lives affected for good by minor acts of kindness and sympathy and Mitch realizes how important his assignment was and that he has made the difference. First of all, I need to confess that I have prejudice against Christian films since the few of them that I have watched have good stories but are manipulative with religion. Fortunately I have decided to see "Midnight Clear". The most beautiful film of cinema history about Christmas and the importance of the acts of a human being is Frank Capra's masterpiece "It's a Wonderful Life". In Christmas, most of the people become generous, kind and sympathetic with the others and I have never understood why people do not behave this way everyday to improve lives and the society as a whole. I am not comparing, but "Midnight Clear" is another very beautiful film about how minor acts of kindness may affect lives of depressed people in a wonderful synergy and has nothing to do with religion. This low-budget film is supported by a credible story; a simple but effective screenplay; and good performances, highlighting Ms. K Callan and Stephen Baldwyn. Unfortunately there is a couple of bad reviews probably of cold-hearted viewers. My vote is eight. Title (Brazil): "Um Brilho na Escuridão" ("A Glow in the Darkness")

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