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Gary Weeks as Robert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by burlesonjesse5 5 / 10 / 10

VIEWS ON FILM review of Mile High Escorts

"We don't come looking for them, they come looking for us". Ah, sounds like someone is persuading someone else to sell their sleek body for a little ready money. Anyway, Mile High Escorts is my latest write-up. It's about a young woman and her friend who take jobs at an escort service only to find out that the owner of said service is a workmanlike killer. Oh and private jet departures to Paris (and back) are involved. Mile High Escorts should not be confused with Deadly Mile High Club except for the fact that they are both Lifetime endeavors. They also both have mediocre hammy acting, squat production values, and some signature campy residue. The funniest thing about "Escorts" minus its desperate title, is that during the female companion flights you never see a freaking pilot. Automatic perhaps? Uh I don't think so. Mile High Escorts which does contain a few tense moments, never quite "takes off" as a hokey thriller (ha-ha). The film putts around while globetrotting through Kentucky, Michigan, Maine, France, and Amsterdam (sans a few aerial shots, everything was probably shot on one location). "Escorts" takes a while to unfold and when it does, everything feels a little anti-climatic and blase. Basically the flick trades dramatic momentum and pimped seriousness for kooky dialogue exchanges and pretty faces. Heck, besides a few smooches, some flattery, some wine and dine, and some Brut champagne, there isn't really any "mile highness" involved (that means hanky-panky on a plane, duh). "Escorts", with its characters beamed across the Atlantic in true "where no man has gone before" approach, concludes with a small twist and murders by way of stabbings, shootings, and head trauma. And in veracious Lifetime fashion, everything turns out okay about six months later. Yup, it's fille de joie minus the "fill". Rating: 2 stars.

Reviewed by scriabin17 2 / 10 / 10

Surprisingly good movie

Lauren becomes a flight attendant but is not happy with her domestic bids as she is new to the job. So, she meets up with Hannah who introduces her to glamorous new world and European flights by spending time with rich male passengers as an escort. Trouble is she gets in over her head and has to escape after Hannah is murdered. Will she get out in time? You will have to tune in to find out. Saxon Sharbino shines in this unusual Lifetime movie with a great , believable script. Highly recommended!

Reviewed by casablancavic 2 / 10 / 10

There are so many problems with this movie

Having lauren being implicated in an international crime makes this movie much more of a problem than she could even imagine. First, there will be issues brought on by the FAA in regards to safety and having weapons such as knives and guns being brought through customs. Then Lauren is earning thousands of undeclared taxable dollars and Euros while working as an international escort. With her being in such an incident, this brings in problems for not only herself but all of the airline employees. Then Lauren will be a suspect not only in the murder of the 2 men in paris, but also a suspect in the death of the owner and the disappearance of the manager. Her legal problems will not allow her to travel to France to study because her passport will be revoked until the courtcase(s) are finished and because there are multiple deaths and income (business and personal) to deal with - this will continue for several years and will involve numerous countries - therefor her ability to travel will be restricted until all matters are dealt with and that would not happen within 6 months. Lauren's recorded audio tape will not be admissable in any court proceedings as the other parties involved were not notified that they were being recorded. Not only that, but the recordings could have been tampered with or manufactured to create false evidence. The airport radio tower should have been aware of what was happening on the tarmac with the shootings and stabbings and they weren't - proving that security at the airport was very poor. For such high profile clients to not be having sufficient security at the airport brings in all sorts of legal issues. When Lauren's hours were cut while working as a steward, she didn't raise any questions or bring up any issues with her union representatives. She would have been entitled to additional income or offered alternative work routes. She also had a good case for a legal employment court case. Lauren was too anxious to turn to work as an escort without considering other types of employment. It seems that Lauren always was considering this line of work without any issue - otherwise she would have called other companies or considered other work and sought out other employment. Having met the agency owner for only 3 or 4 minutes, how can she state that she was sorry for his passing? She did not become aquainted with him other than answering a few questions. While she was left at the terminal after giving the child back the bear, she could have called the hotel for a pickup. She was too eager to accept the men's money and even counted it with her back turned to a client - this meant that she was now geared solely towards money and that was her main objection. In such a short time span, Lauren changed her entire persona and went after material gains. This was not a good movie and it's very sad that Lifetime Movies like this are being made to influence young women. Lauren was a cause of many problems, but this movie made it seem like she was the victim or had nothing to do with the problems. Her friend followed through with the usual related work and saw no problems - until she met a client who had a problem with Lauren... Lauren is certainly not a responsable woman who uses her brains. She is too short sighted and seeks immediate short term gains.

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