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Edward Albert as Dana Lund
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Reviewed by BandSAboutMovies 5 / 10 / 10

Awesome and ridiculous

Bob Yari has produced plenty of films, but only directed two - this one and Papa: Hemingway in Cuba. I'll have to add this movie to two of my potential Letterboxd lists: the films of Maxwell Caulfield and movies where psychopaths engage with RVs. So, basically, the first list has this, Empire Records and Prey of the Jaguar; the second has Race with the Devil, The Hills Have Eyes films, Hitcher in the Dark and The Toybox. Yeah, I have some time on my hands. Rita (Shawn Weatherly, Police Academy 3: Back in Training, Baywatch) and Dana Lund's (Edward Albert, Galaxy of Terror) marriage is in shambles, so to try and save things, they decide to go on an RV excursion to California with their son. Along the way, they pick up the flute playing, husband cucking Eric (Caulfield), a maniac who brings their son along as he vandalizes houses and threatens people's lives. I kind of love any movie that mixes happy-go-lucky music video sequences with moments of sheer terror, plus has some moments where the characters are some of the most moronic people you've ever met ever. Also, any film that has Maxwell Caulfield dragging a small boy along to bang on doors and do a bad Nazi impression while he screams, "It's the Gestapo!" is a movie that I'm genuinely proud to have in my collection. If that's not good enough for you, this movie completely rips off Bruce Hornsby and the Range's "The Way It Is" for its main theme. Also, whiskey is suggested as medicine for depression, which is pretty much right on brand for me.

Reviewed by kirbylee70-599-526179 2 / 10 / 10


MVD is resurrecting a movie mom and pop video store lovers will recall seeing on the shelf but not seen since. Perhaps it popped up on cable now and then but not often. MIND GAMES was one of those films made on a low budget with stars that were either sliding off the grid or on their way up. It features actors in the former category. Rita and Dana Lund (Shawn Weatherly and Edward Albert) have reached a rough point in their marriage. While Dana is going back to school part time to get a better career for himself, Rita feels that he has stifled her in their marriage, wanting her to remain home and be a housewife instead of pursuing her own career as a designer. In an effort to sort things out the couple hit the road for a planned vacation in an RV with their young son Kevin (Matt Norero). At one stop Kevin comes across a young man in the woods backpacking, playing a flute. They become friends and he invites him back to meet his folks and stay for lunch. It isn't long before Kevin is enamored with Eric (Maxwell Caulfield) and his father becomes friendly as well. The next day the family sees him walking along and invites him to ride with them to the point he plans on getting off, an invitation Kevin and Dana are happy with but not Rita. As their journey continues they learn that Eric is a college student studying psychology. What they don't realize is that for him the family is nothing more than a project, an attempt to push various buttons to see what they do and then record it in the notebook he carries with him. Those buttons include having Kevin accompany him when he breaks into a house, having Kevin share a sleeping bag with him and seducing Rita, almost convincing her to help him kill Dana so she can move on with her life. All of this will eventually come to a head as well as the problems between husband and wife. The family will never come out the same as when Eric became their reluctant passenger. The question is who will and who will not survive. By the time this film was made in 1989 both Albert and Caulfield had enjoyed some success in film and television but their glory days were behind them. It didn't matter that both were capable actors and went on to numerous other appearances, their chance at stardom had passed both by, leaving them little but name recognition. That's sad because honestly both were solid actors and did well in the parts they played. Weatherly had a short career perhaps highlighted by starring in 18 episodes of BAYWATCH. Norero? Just two more credits after this film. The story is solid here and slowly unfolds. It's obvious from the start that Eric as a drifting hitchhiker will have some nefarious plan going on but what it is isn't revealed from the start. His slow manipulation of each member of the family is what makes the movie work. At the same time Weatherly's character is perhaps the least sympathetic of them all, portrayed as a shrew of a wife complaining silently, chain smoking and blaming everyone but herself for her unhappiness. It all works together for a solid mystery that entertains. Part of MVD's Rewind Collection the film comes with some interesting extras on hand. They include "The Making of Mind Games a 108 minute retrospective of the making of the film with interviews of the cast and crew, "Bob Yari: Portrait of a Producer" a retrospective of the film's producer/director, the original theatrical trailer, a reversible sleeve with alternate artwork and a collectible mini-poster.

Reviewed by VideoPokerAddict 2 / 10 / 10

Your typical '80s "thriller" schlock.

The plot to this film is the generic "family in peril" type of movie that was all the rage back in the day. An unhappily married couple and their 10 year old son go on vacation in their camper. The boy wanders off one day and comes across a shirtless man in the woods playing a flute. Well...he does what any boy in this situation would do. He befriends the guy and brings him back to the camper to join his family for dinner. So does this stranger turn out to be a psycho? You betcha! That doesn't seem to bother the boy's parents and soon the stranger is invited to tag along on their family vacation. You already know what's going to happen because it's the same as what ALWAYS happens in this type of film. The stranger sleeps with the unhappy wife. Then he decides that the father needs to depart from the land of the living. There is no nudity, very little violence and a whole bucketful of predictable boredom. I'd recommend watching "Cape Fear" again if you want to see a much better film of this type. 2/10

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