Mind Games


Drama / Thriller

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Lindsay Frost as Karen Sorenson
Marnie McPhail as Cora Bosco
Peter MacNeill as Judge
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sol-kay 5 / 10 / 10

Therapist from hell

***SPOILERS*** Having both marital and children problems especially from their mischievous and arsonist 10 year old son Luke,William Greenblatt, the Berricks Doug & Hannah, Kyle Secor & Jayne Brook, go for professional help. Assigned by the head of the mental health clinic's head man, or shrink, Dr. Ryan, Michael Tomlinson, to the Berricks is his top therapist Karen Sorenson, Lindsey Frost. It soon turns out that Karen needs far for help for her severe and uncontrollable mental problems then both the Berricks,and everyone else that she treated, put together! Karen for twisted reasons known only to herself tries to destroy both Doug and Hannah's marriage by using each of them to cancel out themselves in things that they did, behind their backs, in the past to each other. Finding out that Hannah had an affair in NYC with a doctor while her husband Doug was back home with little Luke she urges her to come clean with her husband and tell him all about it! It will be the best for both her and Dough Karen insists. This insane proposal on Karen's part has an outraged and humiliated Doug move out of the house and become paranoid in who the actual father of his and Hannah's daughter Amy, Hayley Lochner, whom she became pregnant with after the affair, really is; Him or the guy who Hannah had a one night stand with some seven years ago! To make things even worse Karen induces Doug, whom she later meets at a local watering hole, to have an affair with her thus, with Doug admitting the affair to Hannah, making a reconciliation between the two almost impossible. Not satisfied in the damage that she already caused Karen goes so far as telling Hannah, who was still on speaking terms with her, that Doug is molesting their six year old daughter Amy that has Hannah throw her out of her house and threaten to have Karen disbarred from the medical profession. It later turns out that Karen did the same kinds of underhanded acts before where it lead to the death of collage student Jimmy Hart, Gordon Michael Woolvett, whom she drove to kill himself by having an affair with him and then breaking it off. We finally get the lowdown to Kare's weird behavior from non other then her kid sister Anna, Stephanie Morgenstein, who's been in hiding from her deranged big sister for years. Anne is so afraid of Karen that she hired private detective Wexford, Peter MacNeil, just to keep her informed on Karens whereabouts at all times of the day or night. That's in order to be a step ahead and keep Karen from murdering her, Anna, and her two young children. ***SPOILERS*** It turns out that Karen being the psychotic personality that she is hates everything that's good and beautiful in he world and will go out of her way, even to the point of murder, to destroy it! Like the Berrick's whom she supposed to help!

Reviewed by Mickey Knox / 10

Bad TV movie

This is a really bad TV movie. A couple that seems perfect is hiding big secrets from each other. They are all revealed (the secrets) after they meet a psychotic psychologist... Imagine that! Mind Games is a low budget, ordinary, un-interesting and predictable B-movie. The plot is so obvious from the beginning that you don't even have to use your brain to figure it out. There are no twist and turns, nothing interesting, just your ordinary stupid TV movie.

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