Minutes to Midnight

Action / Horror

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July 1, 2020


Dominique Swain as Colonel Hauser
Jena Sims as Tiffani
Mercy Malick as Officer Adrien
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by digger-06358 2 / 10 / 10

Baldwin garbage

I guess I should have expected this movie to be bad because William Baldwin is involved. Typical of his movies this one has no real point. It could have been entertaining, but it isn't. Just an excuse to have some masked killers slaughter some incredibly stupid young people. Some of the other actors appear to be trying hard to look convincing in their roles. Others, like Baldwin, are just bad. Some of the special effects are also very poorly done. Not surprising that there is really no plot to this movie either. As stated this is just a reason to have some gore to excite those that need to see that for a movie to be good. If you are looking for some cheaply done gore fest then this might be of interest. It also could fit into that sub category of so bad that it's good. If you have time to waste and some popcorn or pizza to eat then this might suffice while you eat.

Reviewed by cammills-27460 1 / 10 / 10

Boobs, blood and bad acting galore

You are going to watch this movie to see boobs, blood and bad acting from actors who should be at the glue factory. This movie is in the bad but good bag category if you can watch b grade movies. Mr Haim and Fieldman would have done this movie on a bag of Bolivias finest and gone straight to VHS. What the heck happened to Richard Grieco? In a nutshell, bad acting sprinkled in between kills and the occasional thrill. By thrills I literally mean 3 pairs of to be honest nice breastesses throughout the first middle half of the 'movie'. The shower scene may as well have had a phone number to call now. There are so many plot holes and poorly filmed/edited/special effects that this movie may as well have been about swiss cheese however there are moments of success however scattered through the madness. Using the same driving footage 4 times in a row is sheer brilliance to confuse the viewer. Man I wish i was a fly on the wall for casting

Reviewed by redrobin62-321-207311 1 / 10 / 10

Nothing To See Here, Folks. Move Along.

It's unfathomable that, in this day and age, tripe like "Minutes to Midnight" would get the greenlight from any studio. The film is rife with nothing but cliches. To wit: Law enforcement officers who don't wear uniforms but, instead, pull their guns on innocent people in the street. A deep, rarely discovered forest that lies within walking distance of a small town full of millenial yuppies. Speaking of millenials, they're all typically clueless, but goodlooking, in this movie. Don't waste your time with this. Watch this only to see what garbage is being thrown direct to DVD these days.

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