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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dglink 9 / 10 / 10

Small Overlooked Film from Early 1980's

Led by Nowak, the only member of the group with minimal English skills, four Polish contractors arrive in London to gut and refurbish a row house that belongs to their boss back in Warsaw. Heavily laden with tools and carrying only enough cash for materials, bare living expenses, and little entertainment, the four face separation from family and an often hostile English environment. However, the money earned will go a long way in Poland, and their boss will have a renovated London flat at a quarter the cost of using English labor. Written and directed by Polish playwright Jerzy Skolimowski, "Moonlighting" is a low key film that focuses on the interaction among the four isolated men, who live, work, and sleep in the flat. Nowak, Jeremy Irons in a quiet understated performance, is the only one to regularly venture outside to find food and building materials. Faced with dwindling funds, Nowak devises various methods to shoplift goods or outwit store managers and cleverly double his grocery purchases. While sheer luck often aids Nowak with his dodgy schemes, the English shopkeepers seem remarkably dim, and the immigration officer on arrival at Heathrow was unbelievably gullible. The story takes place in 1981, the year the film was shot, and, while Nowak struggles with finances and an approaching deadline, Poland stumbles into a military coup, and martial law is imposed. With phone lines cut between London and Warsaw and all flights to Poland canceled, Nowak must conceal the events unfolding at home from his compatriots to keep them focused on finishing the flat. Because three of the four principal actors have few lines and those only in Polish, the film concentrates on Irons, who ably carries the film. Although much of the action takes place inside the flat, Skolimowski's direction manages to avoid a claustrophobic feel. However, "Moonlighting's" leisurely pace does require patience. But Nowak's sharp wits and audacity, fueled by his determination to complete the assigned task despite the mounting odds, make for engrossing viewing. Skolimowski's "Moonlighting" is a small, overlooked film with many rewards for discerning viewers to discover.

Reviewed by LauraLeeWasHere 8 / 10 / 10

The Peanut Gallery

This film is a mesmerizing and strangely addictive story about a man who buys a dilapidated condo in London and hires and transports several Polish builders to London to renovate it because they will work for a cheaper amount than the unionized English workers. Except for the foreman (in an early role by Jeremy Irons) none of them speak English and the foreman doesn't tell his employer or his co- workers when they overshoot the budget and run out of money. Trying to figure out HOW he will get the job done and WHY he is going to such great lengths and pains becomes all consuming mental and emotional puzzles as you become sucked into this well written story and tour de force performance by Jeremy Irons. By the second half of the film, you can't bare to watch but can't stand to look away. (It's as if you meant to eat only a few peanuts to suddenly discover you've consumed the entire amount and didn't even notice) I think this film is best described as "Escapism" rather than "Enjoyment" but either way you won't be focused on anything else while you're watching it. In fact the "taste" of it lingered with me for days after I saw it. It's full of a quiet yet constantly building tension, with a capital 'T'. No car chases, big explosions, explicit sex, swearing or violence. Just a well constructed screen gem that seemed to have fallen through the cracks when it was released in the early 1980's.

Reviewed by JoeKulik 8 / 10 / 10

An Interesting And Entertaining Film !!!

Jerzy Skolimkowski's Moonlighting (1982) Is a pretty good film. It's a film that really has no deep "meaning" or symbolism. It's just good storytelling. Very innovative storyline in a well thought out and well executed film. Although Jeremy Irons delivered a very good performance in the lead role, the film would've been better with an actual Polish actor who could speak English too. Iron's British accent was not very believable with a character who was supposedly from Poland. It is sort of weird too that the workers with Nowak had no dialogue in the film. We hear in English what Nowak says about them, but Nowak's coworkers never speak for themselves in the film. The film tried a little too hard at suspense too. The whole shoplifting scheme by Nowak (Irons) was too overplayed. Nowak's apparent emotional instability was too overplayed as well. Generally, the storyline was innovative enough and interesting enough that it didn't need the extra "baggage" that the screenplay put on the main character Nowak. It's still a very interesting and engaging bit of storytelling though. The cinematography was good too.

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