Moontrap: Target Earth

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April 7, 2019



Charles Shaughnessy as King Frederick
Damon Dayoub as Daniel Allen
Sarah Butler as Office Assistant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by patrickkemner 1 / 10 / 10

A hastily made movie

Greetings Usually I do not criticize acting performance for the entire movie but this one, well, I can't find anything good about the acting. The script does not help either. The scenes and the way the story is told make you sleepy at best. I prefer watching again that very low budget film Moontrap that was filmed a long time ago... at least it was not too long and had a better script but most importantly better acting. Don't watch this, even if you can see it for free, you will find very little that is good in this movie. Do not sacrifice your time for such movie, take a walk in the park and it will be more entertaining and artistic than this movie.

Reviewed by pafcrazy2003 1 / 10 / 10

don't pay money to see it

Nothing at all happens until 55min into the film. The above comments are ditto here. Go watch the original. The 1989 original's effects are WAY superior to this 2017 sham. There is even a robot fight scene that looks just like Rockem Sockem Robots !! The producers should have just continued the story where the first one left off. Maybe have the government send an expedition to the moon to get ancient but superior technology to fight a Kallium outbreak back on Earth.

Reviewed by Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd) 1 / 10 / 10

What did I just sleep through?

Just kidding. I didn't stay with it long enough to fall asleep. Before making a movie, please watch a whole bunch of great movies and ask yourself, "Can I make one remotely as good? Do I understand framing, editing, pacing, tension?" If the makers of MTE had asked these (the answer was NO!), it would have saved everyone a lot of time.

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