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Reviewed by genedigennaro 10 / 10 / 10

An excellent and moody piece

I recently saw this film on NASA's television service. Unlike most NASA documentaries this is not your typical dry look at Apollo. Instead, we get a great philosophical look at the importance of humankind's first steps on another body. For the most part, the film avoids the usual pablum of Woodstock, Vietnam, hippies etc. The moods invoked by the film are indeed introspective.The spooky electronic soundtrack adds to the moodiness. Only now that the Apollo program has been regulated to the history books has the mainstream media finally accepted Apollo as an important event in human history. For far too long it was a footnote in the pages of the 1960s with too much attention given to the hippie movement and Woodstock. My only complaint is that this film seems to be unavailable to the general public. I believe that this is one of the finest movies ever released on the Apollo program.

Reviewed by b-lavingtonmartin 10 / 10 / 10

A wonderful Time Capsule

I had the pleasure of seeing this film in HD at the BFI in London last night and the experience was completely spell binding! Being too young to have witnessed the events 40 years ago first hand I have always had a sense of having missed out on a momentous occasion and wondered if I would ever see a comparative event in my life time, having seen this wonderful film last night I have now had the closest thing to an experience of having actually been there at the time of the Apollo 11 mission, the pacing of the film is perfect, the imagery sublime, most sequences are magnificent due the the stunning use of archive footage, though seen many times in subsequent films, here seems fresh and new and full of wonder. I left the cinema as though waking from a dream, this film is profoundly affecting even 40 years on, a true time capsule intended for us the audience of the future to revel in awe at the achievements of the few, for the many and the realisation of this magnificent dream. The restoration is flawless, the film truly sparkles with vivid charm and an overwhelming respect for the source material. Director Theo Kamecke has achieved breathtaking feat in my humble opinion......... ........thanks for the memories.

Reviewed by theriotproductions 10 / 10 / 10

Finest cinematic production chronicling the Lunar Landing

Throughout history there have been several defining moments that have earmarked mankind's development. The advent of flight, the creation of the atomic bomb, and the successful launch of sputnik are just a few moments in time that have usurred mankind forward along a progressive curve of evolution. Quite possibly one of the most important events that dots man's historic timeline would have to be the first manned flight to reach the lunar surface. As this moment single handedly marked a turning point in the way we looked at ourselves as existing on a lonely rock in an infinitely immense universe we began to realize just how fragile we truly are. At the same time we gained a very different perception of the way we look at the night's companion, the moon. The earth literally stood still and close to 500 million people glued themselves to their television sets to watch an unprecedented and never before seen glimpse of the surface of the moon. People sat around their TV's and watched as the first man to ever step foot on another object in space cemented in time, not only a memorable phrase synonymous with the event, but at the same time gave people young and old something to dream about. This historical document not only chronicles the process of construction of the vehicle used by the astronauts up too pre-launch, but it also follows both man and machine on their perilous upward decent to that "big ball of cheese" that hangs above us at night. Lighting the way, for travelers like Ferdinand Magellan and Christopher Columbus as they made treacherous and perilous voyages into the dangerous reaches of the unknown, the moon has always been there to guide us along our nights travels. Spectacularly edited and well written, this is by far one of the finest cinematic productions that NASA, or anyone for that matter, has produced on the topic of the first lunar landing. It is a testament to the bravery of those fine gentlemen that undertook that historic mission and just the same it gives well deserved credit to all those that made the mission possible. It is an emotionally inspiring piece that makes one proud to not only be an American but instills a deep sense of pride to be a part of this wonderfully fragile and beautiful place that we call Earth. Having gone the distance and returned safely, maybe now we can look up and have a better appreciation for that light that fills the night's sky.

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