More Beautiful for Having Been Broken


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May 11, 2020



Bruce Davison as Tom Oakley
Felissa Rose as Wally's Mom
French Stewart as Rodney
Kay Lenz as Detective Cody Sheenan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by shawnodese-163-345082 10 / 10 / 10


A brilliant message for all. In a world with so much hate at the moment it was inspiring to watch something that explores the saying love is love. We need to be reminded that sometimes ugly gets mixed in with beauty and a young boy just gets it. It is something different from Conn, but well worth a look

Reviewed by kwiklee 8 / 10 / 10


This movie, perhaps is one of my all time favorites. In touches on so many different issues, in such an eye opening way. It's contents will open up, and steal a piece of your heart. The actors are perfectly casted for the roles they play. Cale Ferrin (Freddy), if you don't know of him...after this film, you will never forget him. He is fabulous! Zoe Ventoura (McKenzie), plays a broken women who escapes to a picturesque town to regroup after losing her mother. In this town she meets Freddy who is a precocious young special needs boy. He can't be ignored no matter how hard McKenzie tries. She finds love and strength never really knowing it was possible. Kayla Radimski (Samantha), is the mother of Freddy, she has all she can handle with the care of her special needs son (Freddy). She comes off as hard and rigid, see a much softer side of her portrayed, in her beautiful visionary dance. Harley Jane Kozak (Vivienne) is the owner of the ranch, she also has many secrets hidden of her past. This movie unfolds in unexpected ways capturing your heart and attention along the way. A must see!!!

Reviewed by slenssen 8 / 10 / 10

Challenges overcome through loving family

Beautiful film about lifes challenges and overcoming them through loving support of family.

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