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Reviewed by sobsobsobsobsobsobsobsob 3 / 10 / 10

incoherent mumble jumble!

this movie does not have a plot! i mean it literally doesn't exist! don't get me wrong i love fantasy movies or ironclad-like movies but this one is nothing like what you ever watched before! it's pure bullshit and don't even get me started on directing/acting! however if you're super bored and don't have access to any kind of entertainment for sometime you may as well waste your time and money on this one. that's why i gave it 3 instead of one! (but be warned you will end up feeling sick to your stomach!) and by the way this is my first review! i want to go watch hobbit: battle of five armies now but i can't because i can't post this review because no matter what i do it's not gonna be 10 lines because it's such a cheap goddamn movie...

Reviewed by kbishop12 6 / 10 / 10

Please save your time and not watch this

I have watched a lot of bad movies in my time, this one is right at the worst of them. This movie makes no sense at all. There are times i think I could see what they were trying to do here, but it falls so short that I can"t quite be sure. The acting was bad enough that you think it almost had to be on purpose, the only person who was believable was Ivy Corbin in her role as the witch. Solid job there Ivy! The action scenes were rough to watch, as I felt like my ten year old could have bested them with his toy sword. Save yourself some time and skip this one. I did think that the main character seeing a modern city at the end was cool, but they just skimmed right over this. A real shame, because that could have added a neat element to the premise!!

Reviewed by sendmemailhereplease 6 / 10 / 10

Not sure why people are so confused

People ask what the movie is about with confusion... It incorporates two main elements. In mythology, the morning star is the woman who watches over the warrior in battle. We see her at the start. She grants him favor at dawn... basically, he gets to live. This is what is assumed. According to the myth, there is a king's hall. It closes for the night to protect from the great wolf. The same wolf haunts Odin and is kept at bay by Tyr. The wolf is always the same. He is our fear and our aspiration combined as one entity. The king warns him that freewill does not allow for placing blame upon anyone other than yourself. This is important to the myth. The wolf is free and the king is killed. The man faces his fear and holds his freewill to his own. As the king commends him on finally taking his own choice. It is clear now that the major theme is the Sermon of the Mount. The morning star had always been Jesus and not evil. We witness society and the man work threw this dilemma that created Lucifer out of Christ. He talks of the great city on the hill. The followers are the lights of the city. The main character finally sees this great city which is a modern shining city. The sermon preaches that actions do not make the man, but his heart is what is true. In each act, he has chosen righteousness over the accepted rule of men toward what was called sin. The sermon also explains that perfection is the goal of man that he stands fully liberated. There he finally has reached that point and there he sees society ahead that has also broken free of fear and archaic beliefs. He sees that it was never his friend being carried. It was always himself. It was never witches, women, priests, nor any other thing haunting him, it was all his own burden. What mattered most was his own conviction and that he could accept those choices without guilt and move forward toward peace. This is why he does not stop or continue to embrace the woman that he finally recognizes. There are a lot of points in the movie. This is the best that I can do to elaborate some of the key issues. He awoke a pitiful man with no heroic quality. Through the light of the morning star (viewed as evil by most and Christ by others) he finally became heroic and honorable. This is the man we are left to see walking away.

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