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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dmartin1910 5 / 10 / 10

Good Movie, bad portrayal of Mr. Miracle

Rob Morrow's direction in playing the character of Mr. Miracle was very annoying, distracting and almost Aspberger's-like in this otherwise wonderful screenplay of Debbie Macomber. While the storyline was delightful, the directing of Rob Morrow's portrayal of Mr. Miracle was abysmal. His facial expressions and twitches made him seem mentally challenged rather than a Christmas angel "newbie" as portrayed in the book. While MRS. MIRACLE is very clever, MR. MIRACLE falls short as a result of the lead character's performance. I don't believe it is a reflection on Rob Morrow's talent but the direction he received. Would love to see a part two next year with another director.

Reviewed by Harbinger_3781 4 / 10 / 10

Well, to summarize and put in the best of the good words...

All right. Ten stars for every movie. Let's see - deduct 3 stars for direct insult to Master Doris Roberts' Mrs. Miracle by naming this character a "Mister": the master was talented, seasoned, experienced, and her character just plainly struck cords with audiences. The lady portrayed Emily Merkle - a real-deal Angel dispatch - so well and visceral that it made a lot of us believe that the character along with the actor truly IS an Angel. While this... Harry Mills character-- they call him "Mr. Miracle"? What a joke. 2 more stars for the horrifying comparison between Mister and Missus Miracle: At first I thought, with the record of the fantastic, lovable and radiant Mrs. Miracle, the Mr. Miracle would presumably be her husband, a MISTER Merkle, or at least an also-seasoned, high-ranking wise, old- timer Angel from above, with wisdom and guidance and influence that can spread hope and joy and happiness to the world, bring families back together and broken relationships mended-- I even thought, "Wow, a MISTER Miracle? They sent Emily's husband on Earth?" I got really so excited. Instead I saw an actor with few talent playing an obnoxious twerp whom I hate every time he does that idiotic smile and just wants to rip that right off his face - and last time I said that was on Kim Davis! - so that's saying something. For this character I'd just like to see a movie where he got all cocky and made Christmas messed up so bad that he pays for the mistake for it and his smile on his face gone entirely. Sadly, this was not it. 2 more stars gone for that guy's behaviors. And whatever being an Angel should all be about. Emily Merkle played the part truly well; caring, loving, motherly, willing to take direct actions - sometimes even uses her power with Fate well to complete her assignments, also mixed with a fine bit of badassery - the two snowball trick entrance was awesome; trajectory, counter-blindsiding, projectiles, calm... instantly silenced the kids. She played the part so close to the heart that we the audience truly felt the heartbreak when she had to leave and disappears into the silence of the night. Mr. M-- screw that; Harry Mills(he does not deserve the name) - on the other hand, was like this parasite, this adult- child, a stalker and a total peeping tom that frequently steps into the off- limits zones and meddles with affairs that should not be his to go near to, and looks like he's more like a horny loveless idiot who just can't keep it in his pants. And don't get me started on his weird walk - I thought the Angels' group got their dispatches throughly debriefed and trained so they'd blend right in and know exactly what to say... what the hell? In opening he just walk in and talks what mortals say as "rambling nonsense", he doesn't know what the simple expression "Sit down" or knock or any earth slang means, and he's like a cocky arrogant teenager who thinks they know everything and declines assistance... it looks like he didn't even take his manners, behavior, linguistics or intervention method courses before he's dispatched. Think whoever is in charge of those Angels should really be fired. Surprised no one has got suspicious of him and call the police, and spare us the pain of enduring his obnoxious smile for the next 2 hours. True Angels don't do direct approaches! Really don't understand how the group that brought us High Angels like Emily Merkle has stooped so low, and if the story was that Mills was a new recruit and he got a lot to learn then I just don't see why they recruited him in the first place! And the movie ended with Mills getting more assignments? Och... Jesters help us. That leaves the movie with still three stars. The redeemable quality was that Nora Allen was playing a character that's got much more wisdom and was so much smarter. HER character, Celeste, should be performing this assignment, and Henry Mills should be an Angel that belongs in the circus or sh*t. Yet still, when Celeste said something about "Addie's dad requested divine intervention" I laughed. Emily Merkle's influence, her behavior, her words, her actions... all of them pointed to what resembled a true divine intervention, giving the audience thoughts whether it was Pamela, and the fact that they did NOT mention it made it more likely, and Celeste's words just broke the mystical temperament, leaving only a sense that some mortal organization ordered adjustments for someone, and they sent some obnoxious, expendable recruit for the task. Sometimes, less is more. I don't usually view a Christmas movie - or a movie, in general - with that low a score, but this... ugh.

Reviewed by boblipton 4 / 10 / 10

Guardian Angel

Rob Morrow is a fledgling guardian angel. He has been assigned to help Britt Irvin get her life back on track after the death of her father in this well-meaning but distracted Hallmark Channel Christmas Season movie. Morrow as the hopelessly clueless angel offers a funny performance with a squeaky voice, but his story of learning how to do his job seems like it should be comedy relief from the budding romance between Miss Irvin and William Vaughan. Yet it takes up about half the movie and it feels like padding. More than that, it seems like auctorial commentary, telling the audience how they are supposed to feel, whether they do or not. The details of making this movie -- the camera-work, the performances -- are well done. Unfortunately, the script seems more about the mechanical operation of the plot and telling the audience what to feel than letting us discover it within ourselves.

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