Mr. Nobody

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Diane Kruger as Anna Holtz
Rhys Ifans as Phil Green
Sarah Polley as Molly Monaghan
Toby Regbo as Nemo age 15
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Abhishek Singh 4 / 10 / 10

Couldnt finish it even after frequent forwards

Well, sorry to say but this movie is not for me. Was looking for a decent mystery/ sci fi movie but instead started exploring head of a dementia suffering 117 year old patient. Couldn't bear it for more than 1 hour.

Reviewed by AnonymousFilmLover26 2 / 10 / 10

I don't write a lot of reviews, but this deserves one...

"Mr. Nobody" - well, the title is admittedly a little strange, but this movie will appeal to the more open-minded moviegoer, in the first place. This is by far the best film (yes, a piece like this is definitely more than just a movie) I've seen in a long while. It might not be officially classified as an epic, but I personally would disagree. "Mr. Nobody" has all the hallmarks of a wonderful film wrapped in a unique package, and yet, it's extremely hard to explain basic plot lines in this story. Therefore, I will go big picture, and just say this: "Mr. Nobody" is about life, and time, and all the choices we make, or don't make. Broad? You bet. But it's the only way to properly discuss this film (which also features a great and eclectic soundtrack). In short, I would say that this is a bit of a mashup between "Okja", and the early work of Tim Burton (circa Edward Scissorhands, 1990), but the ideas and concepts it explores are all its own. The colors are vivid, the cinematography is well done, and the character development (though there are many characters and plotlines, included in a mostly non-linear fashion) is absolutely spot-on. Honestly, I don't know if I've ever watched a more original film. I do recommend, however, the following tips when watching: *This is a film that truly deserves your attention. Keep the distractions to a minimum for the best experience (even though you'll want to watch it over again once you finish) *Watch this with at least one person, if possible. This is literally the best movie I've watched so far this year. I only turned it off about 15 minutes ago and I have the urge to turn it back on, AND recommend it to everyone I know. (Including you, IMDB people! :) Seriously, you won't be sorry.

Reviewed by cedarhillbreeze 2 / 10 / 10


I had to create an account to rant about this movie. In short, it made me very angry. This is because it has such high ratings and everyone is basically in love with it. It's on everyone's list of mind blowing and life changing movies. I, on the other hand, could not even finish it. It was so, so bad. Spoilers ahead. My biggest problem with it is the romance. The plot line is confusing, yes, but after watching Inception, I knew that confusing can be good, because when it all makes sense, it really is nice. No, this is bad confusing. It starts with talking about dimensions, time, the Big Bang, the String Theory and whatnot, and I, being a physics nerd, know probably more than the average person about those, so I got really excited. I didn't get my multiverse and two-dimensional time (???) speculations. But that's not the biggest problem. I could have finished the movie if I just had problems with those. The romance in here is absolutely terrible. There are three plot lines basically where the protagonist has a relationship with three women. The protagonist, especially his younger version, has no personality, nada, zero. So, when you start with zero, you can't really do anything with it, so he doesn't progress much from zero throughout the movie. All his relationships start out shallow, and all his women are one dimensional, and where they have dimensions, they aren't flattering. So, during the entire time of viewing, I didn't find a single person with a three dimensional personality, which is funny in a movie that likes to talk about other dimensions so much. This movie is trying to be innovative and different and jump between different plot points, but doing so it sacrifices character depth and development. And when you don't have those, you don't have a good movie. I didn't get to the end because I couldn't continue watching 15 years olds "epic" shallow romance anymore. It was all such BS! It never explained why Nemo loved all those girls, and why those girls even married him in the first place!? This is what I'm confused about the most! Yes, they were pretty, especially the boy, but the movie seems to assume that that's all you need to marry someone! There was no connection about interests, clicking values, or that they were loners, or liked popping gum, or riding bikes. Not a single person said anything about liking anything. There was that one lady that disliked living and herself apparently, but that wasn't related to why she was with Nemo, and it never explained why he still loved her. Why? I wanna know! I wanna know how she would make your sunshine brighter, Nemo, how the way she laughs makes you forget where you are! Give me those little things that will make it all personal and not robotic fake shallow fondness cuz gosh her face is beautiful. Terrible, terrible. I'm utterly and crushingly disappointed. I've had such high hopes for this, and it completely destroyed all of them. The guy's name was Nemo, though, right? I remember it was something weird.

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