Murder of Innocence


Drama / Thriller

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Anne Ramsay as Reeba Hollings
Jerry Hardin as Man in cafe
Valerie Bertinelli as Aunt Trudy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MountainMan 8 / 10 / 10

Great movie based on true story, thumbs up

Valerie Bertinelli never looked so good. Playing a convincing part of someone who is mentally unstable is no easy task, and Valerie put a lot of fear into me and, I am sure, others who watched this movie. I guess I wasn't alone, because my wife even cringed a little at her in some of the scenes. Some of the supporting acting was so-so, but Valerie gave this movie and topic a real boost. This subject is always timely, and the ensuing tragedy at the school is right in line with events in the 2000's. It makes for a very good movie that will keep you clinging to the arms of your chair.

Reviewed by aqx99 9 / 10 / 10

Shocking True Story

This movie is an amazing true account of the rampage that Laurie Dann (her last name is different in the movie) went on during the last hours of her life. Her madness was never explained, and the reason for her actions will never be known. Surprisingly, only one child died that day, while hundreds could have if her plans had all worked out. This is an incredibly well acted movie. One of Valerie Bertinelli's best movies.

Reviewed by dazzalvr 9 / 10 / 10

Worth the time for repeated viewings

Valerie Bertinelli gives a downright SCARY portrayal of a someone who is very mentally disturbed and does a good job of hiding it to a lot of people. Also, Stephen Caffrey gives a great performance of the poor husband no one believes. Worth repeated viewings. Although one wonders throughout the movie how her parents seem oblivious to their daughters obvious mental state. Yes, she does a masterful job of covering it up, but at some point they MUST have seen her disturbed behavior, at least some portion of it. They must have seen the guns, the ammo, something. Her husband's repeated warnings that something is wrong....

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