Music Box

Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 72%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 77%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 6


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Dan Charles Zukoski as Angry protester
Jessica Lange as Beth Macauley
Michael Rooker as Buddy
Ralph Foody as Drifter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adam-blackley 9 / 10 / 10

An incredible piece of film-making by Costa-Gavras

An amazing film. I found myself hoping against hope that the accusations of murder against the Hungarian immigrant was false, and the slow realisation that he was actually a cold-blooded murderer (or had been) was devastating. The story unfolds in a satisfying and well narrated way, and we identify with Lange's character as wanting to believe (in the face of all evidence) her father is innocent. We go with her on the roller-coaster ride of the courtroom trial, and as each sobbing victim comes to the pedestal, her confidence fades and fades. The film features amazing performances by Lange and Mueller-Stahl, and the bitter resolution of the daughter disowning her father, and having to explain to her little boy (who loves his grandfather) is heart-wrenching but never sentimental. Costa-Gavras at his best.

Reviewed by domino1003 9 / 10 / 10

Gripping and Compelling Performances By Lange and Mueller-Stahl

"Music Box" poses an interesting dilemma: If your parent was guilty of a horrific crime, will you do everything to defend that parent? Ann Talbot (Jessica Lange) faces this problem when her father Michael Lazlo (Armin Mueller-Stahl)is being charged with war crimes during World War II in Hungary. Despite pleas from her co-workers, friends and even the prosecuting attorney (Frederic Forrest), Ann pushes on to defend her father. But as the trial progresses and the witnesses testify, Ann begins to have serious doubts as to her father's doubts. The most heartbreaking scene is when Ann finds out just how horrible her father truly is. When she retrieves a music box that was left in a pawn shop by a now deceased friend, she finds the proof of her father's guilt. The look on Ann's face says it all: her father had betrayed her and that he is truly a monster. Costa-Gavras's direction and the screenplay by Joe Eszterhas is wonderful (The ultimate irony being that what happened to Ann would soon happen to Eszterhas, when he found out after the film's release that his own father was accused of war crimes). However, the brilliant work of Lange and Mueller-Stahl is excellent. The viewer is Ann, wanting to believe the innocent of her father, but are incredibly hurt when you find out the truth.

Reviewed by Arne-12 9 / 10 / 10

Jessica Lange in one of her best performances

This film is of course a dangerous experiment with ingredients like: a court drama, holocaust 40 years after and absolute no action at all. But because of the great performances by the actors, it ends up as a deeply moving experience. And at the very center, Jessica Lange does a tremendous job as the lawyer and daughter of a Hungarian war criminal - or is he? She appears in almost every picture of the film, and I find her very convincing in her emotional ups and downs throughout. She does it with no glamour, but alone her incredible personality. Most of the other actors does a great job as well, and the only reason for not voting it in top is, that the plot is not too convincing - but it first became obvious some time after I watched the film, simply because of the fine acting. I voted 9/10.

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