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Justin Theroux as Dropkick
Paul Rudd as Ethan the Drug Lord
Sam Rockwell as Watson Bryant
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lojohn-77131 8 / 10 / 10

Great Story, not half bad

When I saw the initial reviews, I immediately prepared for disappointment. Turns out, the movie was great. Easily 7 to 7.5 and maybe a narrow 8/10 for me. It is technically above average, 3/10 is plain ridiculous. I have to say this film is more drama than thriller. And yes, it can use a bit of refinement on pacing, and does lack a bit of punch. However, it did tug on my heartstrings on certain spots, and showcased a range of complex relationships and emotions between the characters. It's great fun because in the end, its hard to tell who the villain is. I say this as a person who appreciates Drama and slow tempo Art films. This film is not meant to be: 1) a blockbuster thriller 2) a hard Sci Fi that pushes philosophical questions Rather, it is more of a drama / tragedy that effectively uses the Sci Fi backdrop to highlight the contrasting character of the protagonist Leo. Who is a sensitive soul and a man pure at heart who is unaffected by all the neon signs and the madness that surrounds him.

Reviewed by darren-153-890810 7 / 10 / 10

Are you lot on puff?

This film is truly horrific on so many levels. The acting is absolutely appalling, whey did they get the girl with the blue hair from? Almost every character in this is incredibly annoying. I watched with my hands over my face and ears, it was so cringe. I can't believe people have actually been saying this is a master piece, my only thoughts on this must be they were handing out free puff upon entry. The plot is pathetic, you don't care for any of the characters apart from the kid. Here's a little taster, so a bloke finds out his mate is a pedo, 2 minutes later they are having the best laugh ever. It looks decent hence the extra mark. Definitely an early 2018 turkey roast

Reviewed by iofeek-1 7 / 10 / 10

Better than reviews talk about it

Not boring at all. If you read all those movies done is the past decade it is almost a rare gem, we enjoyed it until the end, new sci fi histories are rare to pace and this one is kind of good one. Congrats

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