Mutiny on the Buses



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Anna Karen as Olive Rudge
Damaris Hayman as Mrs. Jenkins
Harry Fielder as Bus Driver
Stephen Lewis as Inspector Cyril 'Blakey' Blake
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10 / 10

Semi-successful movie sequel

A less successful sequel to the first ON THE BUSES movie, although not without its moments. MUTINY ON THE BUSES offers up more of the same for fans of the comedy show, with various dated, sexist and sometimes amusing antics taking place on and around a bus depot. The gang's all here for this sequel outing, including enhanced roles for Stan's sister Oliver and her husband Arthur. Best of all is the presence of Stephen Lewis, shining once more as the chief antagonist Blakey. The jokes come thick and fast, many of them sexist and mildly offensive to modern audiences, but then that's part of the fun. Once again, the spirit is very much in the CARRY ON vein, and there are certain set-pieces to enjoy; the sojourn at the Windsor Safari Park is a definite highlight here. The film trilogy concluded with the final outing, HOLIDAY ON THE BUSES.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 7 / 10 / 10

More On The Buses mayhem.

This follow up to Hammer studios' comedy hit On The Buses (1971) sees bus driver Stan (Reg Varney) getting engaged to sexy clippie Susy (Janet Mahoney), but unable to afford the downpayment on a place of their own. With Susy refusing to live at Stan's mum's house, the pressure is on for the driver to get his hands on some extra cash. Unsurprisingly, Mutiny follows virtually the same successful formula of its predecessor, with lots of bawdy gags involving busty/leggy beauties, and a fair amount of slapstick. Once again, Stan and his best pal, conductor Jack (Bob Grant), have no problems scoring with the ladies despite their (let's be generous here) average looks. And once again, inspector Blakey (Stephen Lewis) tries to ruin the lads' fun, but always comes off worse. Meanwhile, Stan's brother-in-law Arthur (Michael Robbins) also joins the bus company as a driver, attracting the attention of 'Nymphy Nora', much to the annoyance of his wife Olive (Anna Karen). Comedy highlights include Olive in an out-of-control motorcycle side-car, Stan and Jack sabotaging Blakey's radio unit, a cat-fight between Olive and Nora, a fire-drill that gets out of control, and, best of all, a trip to Windsor Safari Park in which Stan unwittingly gives a ride to a lion and a pair of chimpanzees with hilarious results (apes always make me laugh). It's not exactly high-brow entertainment, but will appeal to fans of the series and those who love classic British comedy in general. 6.5/10, rounded up to 7 for the gratuitous changing room evacuation scene that features lots of scantily clad young women (Including Mahoney in her underwear), and for Stan's sneaky distraction technique during a darts game.

Reviewed by hitchcockthelegend 7 / 10 / 10

You lecherous moron!

The second of three film spin-offs from the very popular British situation comedy, On the Buses, is actually the best of the three. Of course this will mean nothing to any Brit who wasn't a fan of the format, or anyone perturbed by the absence of political correctness in movies from a different era. Falling in line with the wave of sex comedy based movies that surfaced in 1970s Britain, Mutiny on the Buses pitches our sex hungry bus depot workers against a new management regime determined to actually operate a bus company! Hence the mutiny when all and sundry do all they can to usurp the plans of Inspector Blakey (Stephen Lewis) and Mr. Jenkins (Kevin Brennan). What follows, in between the kissing and fondling - and the not so sly innuendo - are the usual pratfall scenarios played for energetic laughs, with the stand out being a fire drill training stint that descends into frothy chaos. Somewhat forgotten is that the snapshot of the era carries considerable value for those that lived it. The cramped housing arrangements, the sexual attitudes and the unemployment issues brought about by redundancy, these are here making a mark regardless of being played for laughs. The change over of ramshackle buses to the new type as a new era is ushered in - with the engine at the rear no less! And delightful old wives tales to help you to stop snoring. Yes, there's the harmless smut (this is hardly the "Confessions Of" or "Adventures Of" standard of sex comedy films), and a gentle smell of misogyny (though the girls are empowered to take control here), but time is a funny thing and so is nostalgia. Mutiny on the Buses, good fun with a wink and a nod to early 70s Britain. 7/10

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