My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising


Action / Adventure / Animation / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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November 12, 2020



Brina Palencia as Grand Cleric of Orlais
Johnny Yong Bosch as T.K. Takaishi
Yûki Kaji as Adam Bindewald
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richiesburgers 10 / 10 / 10

Far Ahead Of Plus Ultra!!!

This movie might as well come out in the states right now, because I wanna see this godly piece of platinum on the big screen again! Everything about this Anime film is god-tier from beginning to end! The brilliant special effects, the impeccable writing, and the breathtaking cinematography, other Anime films cannot compete with this cinematic masterpiece! The best part of this film is the amazing final battle, which United States Of Smashes the one from Two Heroes in an instant by giving Bakugo the One For All power, after Nine took it. It really shows that despite his anger issues and arrogance, Bakugo has made up for his actions in the past and is willing to hit danger like a truck! He should've got his hero license afterwards because of this very godly scene. Overall, this is the best Anime film yet and I hope it does well at the box office in America and the rest of the globe!

Reviewed by sirwillisiv 8 / 10 / 10

Action-packed, emotionally investing and just plain fun.

Heroes Rising is a pretty radical watch. It delivers exactly what any My Hero Academia fan expects - tons of stirring, emotionally-fueled action and an adequate balance of quirky humor and gritty drama. The climax is absolutely heart-pounding and delivers some much overdue chemistry between Midoriya and his rival, Bakugo - and in a positive manner. It's not just another nerd vs. bully confrontation, it's the two putting aside their differences and making sacrifices to save the day, and it's a breath of fresh air seeing it all come to fruition. All the other characters - Todoroki, Uraraka and Iida, to name some -have a decent amount of screentime, too, assisting in the battles in their own unique and visually intriguing fashion. It's lot more than the previous film had to offer for them. Everyone's got a purpose in Heroes Rising. That said, the film is definitely in its own world. What I mean is it doesn't tie-in to the ongoing story much, let alone furthers it. I expected that, but some hardcore fans could find that disappointing since a longer running time could promise more development. Heroes Rising also doesn't shake the issue that most films based on anime have, which is the pacing. It very much feels like you're watching an overstretched episode of the show and it doesn't really scream cinema in any distinctive visual and narrative fashion...well, aside from the climactic battle with Nine - which is jaw-droppingly beautiful - but that's about it. It still could've been pulled off in a regular episode. Nevertheless, Heroes Rising is a great treat for the fans to enjoy. Action-packed, emotionally investing and just plain fun.

Reviewed by t_ngu 8 / 10 / 10

Roger Moore is a bad critic lol.

Roger Moore argues that unless your already invested in anime franchises that you won't enjoy the movie. You could literally make that same argument about any franchise movie series like marvel movies or Star Wars or Harry Potter. That's a dumb a opinion. What he was really trying to say is, "I hate anime movies, because it's not mainstream." I translated your review for you Roger Moore

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