My Pet Dinosaur

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 3 / 10 / 10

The story that has been told a thousand times before this!

There are lots of low rated Aussie films, this is definitely not one of them. I thought it was deliberately bashed, but after watching it, I realised it's not any good and deserved those remarks. With such production, they should have come up with a nice storyline. Visually, it was okay-okay kind, but the story, the filmmakers are lucky that no one sued them for copying it from other flicks. Kids with bikes, a science experiment gone wrong, annoying brother and mom's new boyfriend, A new girl in the town, it was everything you have already seen. All the above, that army general was insanely bad. Why did not they get a decent actor for that important role! Performances of those soldiers were even worse, very bad than a television film made for little kids. A young kid discovers a baby dinosaur in his room, that might have come from the chemical reaction from the materials he and his gang got while exploring the woods nearby. He finds hard to hide instantly growing this unknown species, especially from the army who are sweeping the town. Where the story heads and ends are the rest of the film with some adventures. The kids were good, but not the rest. As I said the story was the worst thing happened to it. The film failed to give a proper answer to all the puzzle at the end. It's worth a watch only if you haven't seen many films in your life. But that's impossible among the majority. Yet I believe the children might enjoy it. However, I suggest films like 'ET', 'Earth to Echo', Goonies' many more over this one anytime. 3/10

Reviewed by beelliss88 1 / 10 / 10


OK so it is not the greatest movie ever. however, I thought it was done well enough to keep me till the end! Sure it was a little poor quality i.e. lighting, some CGI and the what not yet It was still good!! The hungry kid made me bust out laughing with a couple of lines and there were a few more chuckles also! Overall do not go into this film with high expectations just go in to enjoy a simple film that will take you away for a bit!!

Reviewed by Stuart Pryke 1 / 10 / 10

Almost amateur standards

Sorry to the producers of this attempt at a charming boy and his heroic pet saga, but it really is awful. The animations were just odd, the direction so wooden I felt like building a camp fire. The story leaps about at points with characters turning up in places from scene to scene with no explanation of how they got there and the military's motivation for being there is only something you guess about long after it even matters. Certainly not for adults and my two grand kids were very bored.

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