My Soul to Take

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Danai Gurira as Assorted Ghost
Emily Meade as Stacy
Jessica Hecht as Susan
Max Thieriot as Ned Nickerson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by twomainiacs 8 / 10 / 10

Everyone is a Critic

Whew.....everyone's a critic. If you like scary movies....strange, scary movies.....strange, scary movies with a plot.....strange, scary movies with a plot and fairly good ending.....then get the popcorn and have a good time with this one. Look.....if I took every movie I have ever seen so seriously I had to dump on it more than enjoy it. Well.....there would be a lot of movies I would never watch. My Soul To Take is a good movie. It keeps you wondering, guessing and a little annoyed you didn't see it coming. Admittedly, I do scroll through the reviews to get an idea of how people viewed the movie and how they rated it. I have my own 5 Star system which got this film a 4.5. If you are new to IMDb.....never, ever take the scoring system to heart. Even a really BAD film based on reviews will perk my interest to watch it and see for myself. For those of you who use IMDb regularly.....this movie didn't earn the 4.7 it got. I would have said 8 out of 10 personally......but then that is me. Please don't throw this one away based on critics who "know the price of everything and the value of nothing"....Zonker from his guru days. ......enjoy......Cookie Q(:-}

Reviewed by jett96 5 / 10 / 10

Observations of an older horror/sci fi freak

I'm 70 yrs young snd have always loved good horror and sci fi movies. It is RARE to find a decent movie in either of these genres that has been harshly reviewed for all the wrong reasons. My criteria for a good movie is simply this: Tell me a story I haven't heard/seen before or tell me an ordinary story in a different way. It should be fun (not the same as funny ... fun). This was an ordinary story done differently enough to be fun. The young cast was good. The directing was fine. The script got a tad convoluted but not fatally. I liked the music espy TBOS "Impossible" in the end credits. The Condor references in the fil and credits were

Reviewed by Wuchak 5 / 10 / 10

Wes Craven slasher flick about high schoolers in Connecticut

RELEASED IN 2010 and directed/written by Wes Craven, "My Soul to Take" is a slasher movie about the high schoolers of Riverton, Connecticut, and the legend that a schizophrenic serial killer will return to murder the teens born the day he died 16 years earlier. It's not clear if the killer actually died (his body was never found, dun, dun, dun) or if his soul will possess one or more of the kids in order to conduct his wicked deeds. I wasn't aware that this was a Wes Craven production while watching (I must've missed it in the opening credits), but the unrealistic tone and general dramatics reminded me of Craven's "Scream" (1996), albeit without the humor. So I wasn't surprised when the end credits revealed this was Wes' baby. I liked how Wes used actors who actually looked like teens and, in some cases, were teens during filming, like Paulina Olszynski, who was not quite 18 playing 16 year-old Brittany, and Emily Meade, who was 20 playing 19 year-old Fang. Zena Grey is on hand as a fundamentalist Christian, Penelope. Unfortunately, as is typical for Craven, Penelope's religiosity is so overdone I busted out laughing at a couple of her melodramatic statements. Memo to Craven: Actual staunch believers rarely talk in that heavy-handed manner to other people, particularly high schoolers, who simply aren't that overt & bold about their Christianity. In any case, the condor-charade-in-the-classroom sequence perked my attention because it was so quirky and compelling. There are some interesting ideas in the script (e.g. the soul of someone who dies passing into someone being born) and I appreciated that this isn't just a slasher flick, but also a coming-of-age high school movie. Max Thieriot & John Magaro emerge as the protagonists (or maybe antagonists), Bug and Alex, and they're competent, but I had trouble getting into the dramatics of the characters. Nothing seemed real; it felt like the Twilight Zone. I suppose it didn't help that some of the story elements are a bit convoluted. It also didn't help that the females, while more than serviceable, lacked sex appeal IMHO. Craven is renowned in horror circles, but he's had his share of clunkers (e.g. 1988's "The Serpent and the Rainbow"). "My Soul to Take" falls somewhere in the middle. THE MOVIE RUNS 108 minutes and was shot in Connecticut (New Milford, Danbury & Tolland). GRADE: C+

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