Mystery Girl


Comedy / Romance

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November 11, 2020



Brigid Brannagh as Hayley Richmonde
Kim Rhodes as Val Brookston
Michael Clarke Duncan as Nathanial Broadman
Sean Patrick Flanery as Tim Lansing
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by boblipton 5 / 10 / 10


This is another pleasantly executed Hallmark Channel romantic comedy without much in the way of jokes: a comedy in the classic sense of a progression from an unhappy state of affairs to a good one, instead of the modern one of a story with jokes and gags. It's a story of mistaken identity as the handsome lead spots the fetching Second Woman, gets the wrong email address and tries to court her via email as a secret admirer -- only to actually be sending his messages to her similarly named, equally attractive -- albeit in a different manner -- coworker, who turns out to be his soul mate. Everyone is attractive and very nice and if the final happy romantic-looking happy ending is prefigured about fifteen minutes in, that's the way these things are written these days. It's a pleasant little time waster.

Reviewed by the_rabbit_family 7 / 10 / 10

Mystery Girl

This movie was awesome. It's a feel-good, romantic, family-oriented movie. If you're looking for a sweet movie to watch on a lazy, rainy day, this one will make your heart sing. The two leads have amazing chemistry on the set; They make it feel real. To some of they nay-sayers who think the movie was boring and predictable with an unlikely plot, perhaps you shouldn't have been watching the HALLMARK channel? This movie is clean - no cursing, no sexual content, even the very few kisses are g-rated. You can definitely watch it with your kids. It's sweet - the way most movies used to be. The only confusing thing about it was the internet calls the movie "crush on you" but Hallmark Channel listed it in the guide as "mystery girl."

Reviewed by craning10 7 / 10 / 10

If you like happy endings

As soon as I saw the title for this movie, I knew it would be something that I could feel good about watching, and I personally wasn't disappointed. Classic mistaken identity or mystery admirerer movie with single mom "Charlie" receiving misdirected E-mails from a guy "Ben" who falls for a beautiful woman "Cloe" (you've got mail coming to anyone's mind yet) but none of the three put it together for most of the film until it's time to actually meet. This film being a made for TV movie obviously had it's limitations but for what they had to work with, In my opinion it was nicely put together and did have a certain degree of character development which allows you to either like or dislike the characters. Although it looked for a minute like there would be a villain in here at one point, the script allows nature to take it's true course and no real "bad guy" turns up. It's a simple romantic film more than a comedy and even if you did manage to get your kids to sit through it which I highly doubt, it's not a film that you would need anyone to leave the room for content. I enjoy all types of love stories and may be biased but I liked it.

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