Mythica: The Darkspore

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Kevin Sorbo as Producer
Matthew Mercer as Kiritsugu Emiya
Melanie Stone as Natalie Pritchard
Nicola Posener as Narrator
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Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 4 / 10 / 10

Kickstarter-funded fantasy

MYTHICA: THE DARKSPORE is the second film in the indie fantasy series that was funded independently via a Kickstarter campaign. You do wonder why they bothered when all the filmmakers seem interested in doing is making yet another LORD OF THE RINGS clone that heavily copies the Tolkien classic. This one is very close to THE TWO TOWERS in its depiction of a band of raiding orcs riding around the plains and slaying victims. The film as a whole looks quite nice and the effects are okay, but the story is A-Z basic and it lacks the professional touch to make it decent.

Reviewed by Stuart Fisher 3 / 10 / 10

Not as good as the first one but it has its moments

I was a bit disappointed with Mythica: The Darkspore at first. I thought the beginning didn't make much sense. Caeryn is murdered almost immediately and the party splits up leaving two of them behind at the inn. Marek then has some dialog with Gojun who talks about men and power several times. It was a perfect opportunity for Marek to point out that she wasn't a man but the writers didn't take it. At the very least, Gojun could have acknowledged that Marek was a woman! The party eventually regroup and head off on their travels again but it is slow going. There are one or two redeeming parts later though, and I've given Mythica: The Darkspore a decent score because of that.

Reviewed by Menippos 3 / 10 / 10

Gimme a break...

Keep the costume designer and the photographer, fire all others, including the director. Poor - no, I take it back - awful script and dialogues and terrible, terrible directing. There is no real coherence from one scene to the next, no one takes advantage of the actors' strong points, long scenes to fill the time in order to give an excuse for a movie. This could have been so much more. CG were not needed really; we could have used our imagination, with a bit of air acting, and use the money to hire a better director. And the story - oh, the story - what a mess... It really peaks in the end where, disposing of the whole of the point, the heroes mess up their mission, utterly fail, leaving the world to its doom and walk away all smiles in search for another adventure and... warmer climates. Really, now, whoever gave high marks to this film must either be a close friend of someone in the cast or crew or an utter nutter about anything sword-yielding, magic-casting or horse-riding. And... "Hercules" must have been stoned up to his eyeballs.

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