Nantucket Noel



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November 22, 2021



Daniel Bacon as Jacob
Fiona Vroom as Harriet
Sarah Power as Christina Antonioni
Trevor Donovan as Andy Bittlesman
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jackbv123 6 / 10 / 10

OK but slightly disappointing given the leads

I agree with most of what was said by reviewer gfrasmd. Unoriginal premise, no magic, no thrills. I have become a Trevor Donovan fan even though he isn't always spot on. In this movie, I think his character was caught between the two powerhouse characters of his dad and Christina. Throw in the strong influence of Wink, the daughter, and I think the character of Andy wasn't given a chance to shine. I agree Christina was a little overreactive. Then suddenly, she wasn't. Either Power didn't show enough of Christina's softness early in the movie, or my years of seeing her as Abigail on Good Witch prevented me from seeing it. Based on her friends praises, it was clear that Christina had a history of being a giver. Given the lack of screen time alone together, Andy's being overshadowed by the stronger characters, and Christina's overreactions, I give their chemistry a C-. Oscar's character also did a personality change that was a bit too sudden.

Reviewed by johne-55952 8 / 10 / 10

Pretty Lame...even for Hallmark

I watch quite a few of these things and I usually make it through to the end. We turned this one off after about 20 minutes. You don't expect an original plot, but you kind of hope for some interesting dialog or even some decent acting. The dialog here sounds like it was written by a robot and the acting is not very compelling (although I admit I have a bias against the male lead who appears in 3-4 of these a year). The scenery was not the normal Canadian B-roll although it doesn't look like Nantucket either--too pricey for a low budget operation. My advice is to skip this one.

Reviewed by MrJackParker 8 / 10 / 10

I liked it.

It's not exactly a Christmas movie in the truest sense of the word. It was traditionally rife with clichés and the usual situations, which I'd like to see Hallmark start to put greater expectations on the writers to challenge themselves more with. How about a non-broken family story? Let the romance be between a husband and wife for a change. Nonetheless, it had that Norman Rockwell-esque feel to it that I've come to cherish. There's nothing as wonderful as a friendly small town you can lose yourself in and feel part of. Truth be told, Trevor Donovan and Sarah Power made this movie worth watching. They lifted this movie above its flaws and carried it to a satisfying finish. It's refreshing to see female leads be strong without losing their femininity. It's even better to see men be masculine again, instead of this politically correct trend to be demasculated caricatures that blur the gender line. That said, while the story certainly wasn't close to being original, it still delivered and that makes it worth watching.

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