National Champions



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January 4, 2022


Andrew Bachelor as Taylor Jackson
J.K. Simmons as Coach James Lazor
Kristin Chenoweth as Bailey Lazor
Stephan James as LeMarcus James
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by schappe1 9 / 10 / 10

Don't boycott this one!

This is a really well-acted drama that lays out the issues with big-time college sports as strongly as they have even been laid out in a dramatic presentation. The characters are extremely vivid, led by Stephan James, (who played Jesse Owens in 'Race'), as a Heisman Trophy winning quarterback who organizes a boycott of the national championship game to get players declared employees rather than 'student-athletes' so they can all share in the money being generated by their sport and its championships, (NIL is dismissed as something only a star like James' quarterback can get). Then there's the always excellent J. K. Simmons as the coach, who started in Division III and is finally getting a chance at 'glory', a word he uses a lot. And Uzo Aduba as a ruthless NCAA attorney who has a backstory of her own, which comes out in an extended monologue near the end. There's also various slick NCAA types who smile and know what side of the bread their butter is spread on and Alexander Ludwig as Jaems' roommate, who has no hope for a pro career due to an injury and comes from a poor family, one of James' motivations for his actions. The one contrived part of the plot centers around Kristen Chenoweth, cast against type as the coach's promiscuous, who is sleeping with, among others, the labor law professor who inspired James to make his stand. The issues are well explored: the billions the NCAA and its schools make from the sports, the benefits players get in terms of scholarship and accommodations, the risks of playing sports, especially football, how are the schools going to be able to field the non-revenue sports and pay the players, now NIL isn't the answer to everything, the economic status of the player's families, etc. The movie could easily have been a play. Virtually all the scenes take place in the rooms of a high-rise hotel in the two days before the big game, (the result of which we never learn because that's not the point). There are long, emotional, soul-bearing scenes featuring some outstanding actors. Don't boycott this one!

Reviewed by Movi3DO 9 / 10 / 10

Gripping and intense

Nothing is inevitable except the truth. A fictionalized version on an interesting topic in the college football scene. The movie showed what a boycott against the NCAA on the issue of treating student athletes as employees would look like. The first great thing about the movie was J. K. Simmons. Previously he was a ruthless music coach, and now he's an old, broken college football coach with the desire of winning the national championship with his team. He again brought passion and energy to his role. His dialogues were powerful, and can be emotional too. He can be both fearsome and convincing. What an amazing actor. The story itself was amazing as well. It's an intense stabbing back and forth between the brave college football quarterback and the administration. Each tried or was forced to bring the other down. It became personal very quickly, and I was on board for most of it. Overall, a gripping sport drama. 8-8.5/10.

Reviewed by colewaters 9 / 10 / 10

National Champions

National Champions was a great movie with JK Simmons and Kristen Chenoweth in it it was really good. I'm not a football fan at all and ended up loving this movie. All I'm going to say it was not as good as Dune, West Side Story (2021, and House of Gucci, but still very good.

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