Nemesis 5: The New Model

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Reviewed by Platypuschow 1 / 10 / 10

Nemesis 5 The New Model: I'm in awe

The New Model is the 10th movie in the Cyborg/Nemesis franchise which started all the way back in 1989 with Jean Claude Van-Damme's Cyborg. 21 years after the last movie from the series was made (Nemesis 4 1996) it returns with this "delight". You see the movies have never been been good, they've simply ranged from bad to very bad but this is certainly a new low. Sue Price returns yet again as Alex though only briefly. I can only assume she returned for the nostalgia or must have been desperate for money. You see here is the issue, though all the Cyborg/Nemesis movies were bad they at least looked the b-movie part whereas this is something else altogether. The New Model is a hyper low budget independent movie which truth be told I'm absolutely stunned at the quality of (Or lack thereof). Instead of professional b-movie, this is VHS camcorder, toy laser guns and dreadful Adobe Aftereffects sfx. No really, I can't stress enough how bad it looks. It's one stage up from being done on someones phone, the acting is some of the worst I've seen in years, the sfx are cringe inducing and the whole thing is really embarrassing. Whatever my opinions of the franchise it really didn't deserve this. Considering they started in the 80's and this was released in 2017 it raises all kind of questions why this is the ugliest and cheapest of them all. Incredibly there is another one in production, this is a franchise that died in the 90's but nobody had the heart to tell it. The Good: Absolutely nothing The Bad: Beyond ugly Dreadful CGI Cringe inducing acting The fight sequences are some of the worst ever put to film Awful filler scenes Stock screams

Reviewed by fstammen 1 / 10 / 10


Just imagine as a bunch of kids you watched Nemesis 1 or 2 and think that you want to be like that and as a 8 year old you pretend to be in such a movie. As props you use plastic toy laser guns and such. And you just play around. Well, that is this movie! No effort was put in this and to sell this they named it Nemesis 5 to pretend it has something to do with the original movie. This is just slightly better then Birdemic but only just. Avoid at all cost!

Reviewed by saptesh786 1 / 10 / 10

Worst !

Just watch this title. Wondering that even a English movie can be idiot like Bollywood Z grade worst movie ! I have nothing to write about the movie, but I suggest others not to watch at all ! No proper story, not like a science fiction, no suspense, no thrill. I did not understand till the end what is going on and how it will end. Thanks God for short of length of the movie. It is only relief for me. Firstly I had stopped seeing after 15-20 minutes, I could not dare to go further, but then keep till end in another section to finish at least. Never follow the road here.

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