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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by benjonesindia 1 / 10 / 10

Not well planned movie

Good story but the duration and screenplay of the movie was not good Song sequence and many scenes are boring The all concepts of the movie were totally collapsed:* Brother-Sister relationship * Psycho criminal * Innocent Police _____ I think director missed these ideas _____ # When Gowtham(brother of protagonist) watches the psycho in the WhatsApp video call, he had a chance to take a screenshot(photo) of that psycho but he missed the chance, if it happened the story ends there. # Second thing : In the search of psycho, protagonist disguise herself into a patient, in this scene she goes there with her cellphone but in middle of the way she was disconnected so she lost. If she went with a tracker, story ends there. My question is What is the motto of the director? Is making heroine blind (or) killing the psycho ?

Reviewed by sosrivi 3 / 10 / 10

This movie got into my nerve...

It's a official remake of an Korean movie called BLIND. When u got a version already, either you do as original or improvise better than original version. But this director proved he is an amateur. Such a boring scene, no logic (no common sense too).. Extremely made me annoyed the way scene and acting was done. There are people with own good story and script try for ages to get a chances. Where else director like this movie get easy chance and make a crap movie. Such a waste of time, avoid it in any cost.

Reviewed by akvijayeee 3 / 10 / 10

Movie didn't meet the expectation

Only trailer was good, waste of time. Director didn't concentrate on many portion which lags everything.

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