New Orleans Uncensored

Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Beverly Garland as Joyce Webster - aka Jane Marvin
Ed Nelson as George Beldridge
Michael Ansara as Abu Sofyan
Mike Mazurki as Monkara
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gordonl56 8 / 10 / 10

Good guys vs the mob time-waster

NEW ORLEANS UNCENSORED - 1955 This film which was made on location in New Orleans is the "true" story of one man's battle with the mob. Arthur Franz plays a just discharged navy man who ends up in New Orleans looking for work. He hits the docks looking for a job as a longshoreman. It does not take long before he becomes involved in the seamy side of dock life. Kick-backs to the union bosses, stolen cargo, or as they say, "misplaced" cargo, and even murder. When a friend is killed off for rocking the boat, Franz decides to get some pay back. He tells the police he will go undercover and get the goods on the mob boss, Michael Ansara. Ansara plays the mobster with the unlikely name of Floyd "Zero" Saxon. When Ansara catches wind of the police investigation, he decides to bump off Franz. There is a dockside chase and a blazing gun battle before all is put right and Ansara is disposed of. There is some great back and forth between Franz and Beverly Garland who plays the mobster's girl. While Garland and Franz are doing a little couch wrestling, she cracks, "Be sure not to skid on the curves!" While the film does slide a bit in the middle, overall it gets the job done. William Castle handles the direction and gets the most out of the cast and crew despite what must have been a shoestring budget. Though known for a string of horror films in the late 50's and early 60's. Castle pumped out some good b features earlier in his career. These include, THE WHISTLER, THE FAT MAN, SLAVES OF BABYLON, DRUMS OF TAHITI, BATTLE OF ROGUE RIVER, THE AMERICANO, UNDERTOW and the excellent noir, JOHNNY STOOL PIGEON. Long serving cinematographer, Henry Freulich handles the lensing of the film. Some of his better known films are, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA, SHADOWED, BOSTON BLACKIE GOES Hollywood, CHINATOWN AT MIDNIGHT, BUNCO SQUAD, UNDER THE GUN, THE CROOKED WEB, Miami STORY and GOOD DAY FOR A HANGING. Well worth a watch.

Reviewed by brucewhain 4 / 10 / 10

Trouble on the Docks

Convincing story of docklands pilfering racket with actual pols playing themselves, narrated at start and finish. Lots of shots of New Orleans, not all of them flattering. There is a prolonged climax with fast pace, twists and violence starting when he kills the guy. The protagonist becomes an expert on police work when he takes his findings to the authorities.

Reviewed by mark.waltz 4 / 10 / 10

On the Waterfront meets the French Quarter.

Typical film noir style narration gives an instant cliché to the proceedings of this waterfront story of organized crime infiltration to the ports of New Orleans, the second largest in the United States. Illegal trafficking of stolen goods is being disguised through seemingly honest dealings, and the results have devastating effects for the honest Arthur Franz who must console the widow of a friend who is murdered as a part of a gangland strike and deal with a trampy gangster's moll who uses him to get information. Beverly Garland and Helene Stanton, the two women in the film, resemble each other so much with the bleached-blonde hair, but one is obviously good, the other totally bad. This leads to confusion as to who is who in Franz's life every time each one of them is seen with him, as the two women never inter-cross. There's plenty of violence on this waterfront, Franz getting himself deeper into trouble by interfering in the daily goings on as he begins to realize what's happening. When he finally does get involved in exposing this racket, the results are predictable, with his life at stake as the mob gets a hint as to what he's really up to. This really doesn't take you much into New Orleans' famous nightlife down on Bourbon Street, simply a waterfront story that could be told about any port city. Considering the historical hurricane that New Orleans survived, the opening and closing air shots of the city are rather frightening, knowing that 50 years later, much of what is seen here would end up under water.

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