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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by queenofeverything-966-488196 10 / 10 / 10

This Movie Will Not Disappoint. I Guarantee.

Maybe it's a little excessive to give this movie a 10/10 rating, but GOD it is so amazing. 1. Fantastic cast of top-notch Korean actors who DELIVER it hot n' ready in under 30 minutes. 2. Cinematography, excellent. 3. Script, wow. Never a line delivered that I cringed at how corny it was, which I find tends to happen more often for me watching a foreign film. Unlike so many American films, there's real character development and the story may be filled with some of the best actions scenes and Korea mafia tension you'd expect, but the greatest moments are the intimacies between the characters in the film. You think you're getting an action flick, but it is so much more. I cannot recommend this movie more than I already have, I saw this almost by accident and went in with little to no expectations of quality or anything of the like. I really went because I recognize the actor from Oldboy, who is in his own right amazing in every role I've seen him in.

Reviewed by Phyxi 10 / 10 / 10

Gripping and spectacular

'New World' is an epic gangster film from South Korean director, Park Hoon-jung. With actors such as Choi Min-sik (probably most well known for his role as Dae-su in 'Oldboy'), I was expecting this film to deliver something spectacular. And, well, it did. For the duration of the narrative, I could not tear my eyes away from the screen. While the pace of most films of this length tends to slow, or get a little dull, 'New World' kept a steady rhythm, full of political intrigue. Undercover cop, Ja-seong (played by Lee Jeong-jae), leads a dual life. He has his job as a policeman, and the role of a gangster in a large crime syndicate that goes under the name of 'Goldmoon.' When the boss of the syndicate is killed in a car accident, Chief Kang (Choi Min- sik) puts a new project into effect called 'Operation New World'. The purpose of this operation is to ensure that one of the undercover cops in the syndicate will rise to a position of power. The ultimate aim is for the syndicate to be in the hands of, or at least easily manipulated by, a trusted law enforcer. Ja-seong finds himself torn between his duties as a cop, and his loyalties to 'brother,' and gang member, Jung Chung (Hwang Jung-min). Putting more hours, and more effort into his work, Ja-seong finds less time at home with his pregnant wife, and more into the syndicate 'family'. Acting as a bridge between the law, and the underworld, the loyalty of Ja-seong is rarely questioned by his acquaintances. Yet, it is apparent that Ja-seong beings to question the nature of loyalty, and of betrayal. As he prepares to dive further into the syndicate, his confusion becomes ever more apparent. Some of the conversations in 'New World' were gripping, and the portrayal of violent acts was just spectacular. The use of blood in these instances, paired with close ups, were some of the most aesthetically pleasing moments in the film. While not extremely violent, 'New World' uses violence in a manner that complements the pace of the film. The ruthless nature of the law, and the syndicate, was highlighted in these instances, and it is apparent that both sides can be as manipulative, and as corrupt, as one other. All the while, in the midst of this corruption, Ja-seong must find a place of power to call his own; he must create a whole new world.

Reviewed by sulaco_in 10 / 10 / 10

Superb gangster flick from the writer of "I saw the devil"

I am surprised that more people (especially my friends from South Korea) haven't reviewed this excellent movie so far. Perhaps they know of better Korean cinema to view and review!! I for one am from India (settled in the US) and big fan of Korean films, which were introduced to me by a Korean friend of mine during my graduate school days here in the US. Anyhow, this is the only Korean movie I could lay my hands on in a theater close to me (I generally see Korean movies on Netflix or home video). Perhaps it is my excitement of having watched a Korean movie in a movie theater after so long which has me biased in favor of this film. But I think not, as the rating right now on IMDb is 7.7/10. Anyways, here goes. This is an amazing movie. Like the only other reviewer here has said, it mixes elements of "The Godfather" with "The Departed". It also reminded me of a Hindi art house movie which is not so well known (unfortunately) called "Droh Kaal" (1994 by director Govind Nihalani). Park Hoon-Jung being an accomplished writer (I loved his "I saw the devil"), does craft an original and engaging story. Violence is heavy handed when it is depicted and makes you cringe, but I don't mind that personally. I loved the costumes (every gangster in the movie wears designer suits which should be the envy of Wall Street executives). In fact, its the law enforcement officials who are comparatively shabbily dressed. The feel and atmosphere is subtly captured by cinematographer Chung Chung-hoon. I love his camera work, which was only recently at display in "Stoker" (by Park chan-wook), which I saw the day it was out. It was also a treat to see Choi min-shik ("Oldboy") again after "I saw the devil". Overall, the movie kept me on the edge of my seat and was really entertaining. It is definitely much better than what Hollywood is churning out these days (with a few exceptions of course). Let me hope they don't butcher my favorite "Oldboy". I would highly recommend "New World", please do go and see it in a theater to really get the feel (like I said earlier, the cinematography is top-notch and needs to be seen on a big screen to be believed!).

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