Night Train to Terror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 8 / 10 / 10

The train crashes at dawn

This is one of those films that borders on being a cult classic, depending on who you are. God and Satan are riding on a party train that is doomed to crash at dawn, all on board will be dead...all the musicians, break dancers, shags, and sweatbands. There is a basic low level theological discussion of good and evil and free will as our twosome looks at three separate cases forming an anthology. The segments include an asylum, a death club, and some Nazi satanist. The film includes the "God is Dead" movement made to look idiotic. This typical 80's film is available on many multi-packs. It is front loaded with nudity, mostly blondes strapped down to a table. Guide: No swearing. Sex and Nudity (Lisa Watkins, Micki Anne Corbin, Merideth Kennedy, Merideth Haze...basically this film was career killers for all these women too.)

Reviewed by amosduncan_2000 7 / 10 / 10

Sometimes weird is not good enough...

One of the posters says this film was cobbed together from other incomplete projects, though says two were actually finished. I wonder if they were released in some other form. At any rate, this movie is garbage. It has a car accident quality for awhile, you can't look away, but it's overcharged tempo even wears thin, and it becomes very tiresome. It is amazing that somebody gave somebody money to make this, but it might have been tainted South African money. Just totally bad. No attempt to credit names John Phillip Law or Cameron Mitchell, which is probably just as well for them, poor guys. The rest has all been said. We always seem to blame the decade for this sort of bad film, "it's so seventies" "it's so eighties" but really it just is bad and would be in any ten year span.

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10 / 10

Enjoyably cheesy if flawed anthology effort

On-board a raucous train party, God and Satan begin dueling over the fates of three cursed individuals with them and show their respective fates. The Good Entries: The Case of Greta Connors-Trying to start her music career, a woman joins up with an admirer of hers and begins introducing him to a secret club full of death-obsessed lunatics drawing them both closer and closer to the breaking point. This here wasn't all that bad and actually had quite a bit going for it. Among that is the fact that this one really piles on the cheesy nature of the action here by utilizing the absurdity of the club activities into pulling off some outlandish set-pieces from the initial seance we stumble upon that showcases the insect coming to life, the later game of Russian Roulette that takes place strapped into electric chairs that ends up generating a gruesome and graphic death when one is shocked so bad as to have their skin fried to the point of melting off the bone and the finale with the swinging pendulum ball is shockingly suspenseful and tense waiting for it to complete it's swinging around over the group. Along with one of the most unintentionally cheesy martial arts scenes that's so utterly goofy and obviously not experts or proficient in the style being featured, this one at least comes off nicely. Much like the other segments, though, the haphazard plotting and pacing is so obviously scattershot around the different plot lines that it's hard to tell what's going on at times and the narration over-the-scenes don't help hiding that which gives this some pretty glaring and troubling times. Still, it's quite fun and enjoyable. The Case of Claire Hansen-Troubled by strange dreams, a man's claim of a local playboy's true nature brings her husband and a detective to try to unravel the mystery of his past to solve the case about several mysterious deaths tied to them. This one here wasn't really all that bad and had some decent parts about it. The entry gets a lot to like when it starts delving into the mysteries and strange delusions of the different afflicted personalities here, from the strange flashing demon head that continually pops up around before the different attacks, from the early scene about the disgruntled employer at his mansion, her strange dreams and visions as well as the boyfriends' encounter with the living statue which results in some rather intriguing efforts here. Even more fun is the big finale which really goes over-the-top and generates plenty of highly enjoyable moments from the bizarre situations and extreme violence that carries along the big kills featured. Still, this one is again so confusing and scattershot that it really doesn't make any sense at all as parts are obviously cut out and missing giving this a wholly disjointed feel. The cheesiness on display isn't as impressive as the others, and it really makes a decidedly questionable entry anyway based on the connection to the film at hand. The Bad Entries: The Case of Harry Billings-Brought to an insane asylum, a salesman finds that the operators of the facility are secretly organ-harvesters cutting up their victims for cash and must try to stop them before he becomes part of their plans. For the most part this one here all that impressive an entry here with it being based for so long around a theme that isn't the least bit inviting or intriguing. Showing off the demented staff of the facility and their various torture methods amongst the slew of patients in their care isn't the slightest bit interesting for their methods here, simply chaining them down and electrocuting them, beating them as well as sexually or just plain verbally assaulting them doesn't strike much of a punch here with it being so tame when compared to the aftermath shots that are plentiful around the place including one shot as we do a 360-degree shot around a room utterly littered with severed limbs, body parts and blood-splatter along the walls shows that it could've been showcased rather than what actually happens. A lot of that is due to the scattershot and completely disorienting pacing that completely shots to different plot lines for different patients so it's hard to tell what's really going on so it's nearly impossible to tell what's happening to who. Though it does save itself with a few rather rousing brawling scenes with the orderlies throughout the last half along with some brutal kills and some nice nudity, it's not enough to save this one. Rated R: Graphic Violence, Full Nudity, Language, sexual scenes and drug use.

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