Nina Forever


Comedy / Drama / Horror / Romance / Thriller

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kboote 6 / 10 / 10

NIna For..........never.

I felt that this was an interesting premise and I really enjoyed the first half hour of the film. However I have to admit that ultimately by the end I was left with an overall feeling of disappointment and missed opportunity. The overall highlights were the scenes between the main character Rob, Cian Barry, and Nina's parents. Nina's first appearance is also striking but I felt the scene itself was too rushed and the build up and gradual indications that Nina was in the background could have been handled with greater subtly which would have created more tension. However after this excitable rush to reveal Nina the second half of the film drags so there are definitive issue with the pacing of the film. In some instances the casting was also far from ideal. The actress who played Holly, Abigail Hardingham, was a very natural and engaging presence, hanging on in there with the relationship despite all of the bizarre difficulties because she wanted to appear "dark" and not "vanilla" and to be committed to her first real boyfriend (although in reality the actress is too pretty to have been "left on the shelf"). However Holly is given no back story and due to the underwriting of her character we become increasingly frustrated that the motivations of Holly become blurred in the second half of the film as her love for her rather dull boyfriend starts to become diluted. There are two serious problems with the film. The first is the casting of Fiona O'Shaugnessy as Nina herself. The character as written and acted is a highly un-haunting presence. Nina as portrayed in the film is lacking in charm, beauty or personality. Her mocking baby like voice is so irritating that you'd have probably been glad to see the back of her not be so haunted by her to the extent that you couldn't move on from her!! Not to be ungallant but Ms Shaughnessy is also much too old to be playing the fantasy girlfriend role – more suited to the bitter divorcée! -and this unbalances the whole film. The last half hour was a bit of a drag and the other serious problem, the "twist" ending of switching over the "curse of Nina " to Holly, was silly and felt tagged on. The Writer/Directors., the Blaine Brothers, should have had the conviction to retain faith in the subtext of people being unable to move on from a relationship. If we had a much sweeter and charming Nina and a more grown up conclusion ( perhaps along the lines of Morettoi/Grimaldi's "Quiet Chaos" ) in which eventually Nina disappeared because the main character was able to finally move on we would have had a poignant conclusion and a more consistent tone to add to the humour and interesting premises. Instead the filmmakers resorted to immature gimmicky that betrayed the original theme of the film. So maybe next time gentlemen make a film that has the conviction to respect people's intelligence rather than assuming film goers need juvenile sarcasm and a twist ending?

Reviewed by info-31034 6 / 10 / 10

Funny as death

I really enjoyed Nina Forever, it's like a really black comedy, that shows how good a film can be made on a tiny budget. The main focus is around a character called Nina who tragically dies, leaving her boyfriend to pick up the pieces of his life, but then she comes back. While being very graphic and very sweary Nina Forever is also very very charming, it's a beautiful story of loves lost, loves found and loves twisted grip. I gather the film was shot on a budget of around $13,000 but took a very long time to make. The wear does show as one of the characters does age a little during the film, but it's good. No it's all good. The film is funny, horrible and utterly cool. It's a prime example that low budget British Horror does have a place in society. And it's also a first rate top notch film masterpiece regardless of country of origin.

Reviewed by Reno Rangan 6 / 10 / 10

Some people never let go your hand!

We ask for the fresh ideas and here is the one. This British film was not totally innovative, at least it tried to be different. This horror-comedy was directed by two brothers and it was theirs first feature film. This is the story of two who meet working in a supermarket. The 19 years old Holly and in his 20s, Rob, they instantly fall in love with their first encounter. But there's a problem that they can't sleep together, if they do, then Rob's dead girlfriend appear. So the reason for it and the solution if there is one, is what the rest of the film covers. It was a little slow, though entertaining. Not a bad storyline, they developed it decently, but the twist was so ordinary. Nothing like we could predict it, but it gives a silly reason. If you are not expecting big, then it might work. The performances were not bad. It's not that funny, because it was a black comedy. Though the story takes place in the open society, the focus has been always between three main cast and a couple of others. That mean it comes to the point, not wasting for useless scenes. That's why it's very interesting, despite not very impressive. Like I said worth a watch for being a different from the usual films. 6/10

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