No Man's Land


Action / Adventure / Thriller / Western

IMDb Rating 4.3 10 2354


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January 27, 2021



Andie MacDowell as Stella Fine
George Lopez as Herb
Jorge A. Jimenez as Ruben / Manuel's friend
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 1 / 10 / 10

Really guys??

Filmmakers forget that Rotten Tomatoes exists, and with the real Top Critics rating this at 29%, writing shill reviews is a flagrant deceit. Writer and star in this film Jake Allyn forgot to hide his name when he left this mess a raging review lol. At least user with only this film reviewed posing as a critic "MaggiesPicks1990" tried to make themselves at least look legit. This film was too long, slowly paced, and tried to be more than it was. Directing was ok, but this needed serious editing and to cut the 114 min runtime to at the most 90 mins, although I feel this story would've been better as a short film. So never mind the shill high reviews, stroll over to Rotten Tomatoes if you're looking for honest and accurate feedback. The filmmakers should be ashamed of themselves resorting to these tactics.

Reviewed by jakeallyn 10 / 10 / 10

Tense modern western with a real story

Great movie, and if you love westerns you will 100% love this one. It was tense and raw the whole movie and every character was shaded. The final scene made everyone I watched it with cry! Best modern western in 20 years!

Reviewed by edbtpuny 10 / 10 / 10

Unexpectedly fun watch

This movie came out of nowhere. I love Frank Grillo so I was expecting a hard charing action film but what I got was even better. This was a road movie-- watching characters who are real go through the challenge of facing the consequences of their actions. It was raw and real and action packed in all the right ways. Its a human story centered around a political issue. I loved it.

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