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Reviewed by FightingWesterner 7 / 10 / 10


Bounty hunter Anthony Steffen teams up with shifty, bible-toting rival William Berger, who dresses like a preacher and carries a shotgun with seven barrels, in order to take on a ruthless gang of human smugglers working the Mexican border. An entertaining, though somewhat standard-issue Italian western, this is well-made and fairly atmospheric, with a neat final gun-down. Steffen and especially Berger are pretty cool too, as is big Mario Brega (of Leone's Dollars trilogy among other films) finally getting to play one of the good guys! One interesting aspect of the film is the depiction of illegal immigration, the "coyotes", and their primarily well-to-do white enablers as a public nuisances that help in keeping poor Mexicans down. This is a point of view you'll never see in the scared, hypocritical film world of today.

Reviewed by Bezenby 8 / 10 / 10

"You can't steal from me - it's a sin!"

Illegal immigrant smuggling isn't a plot line that turns up too often in Spaghetti Westerns, but it turns up here. A bad guy named Fargo is sending cheap labour over the border into Texas and treats the workers like they are worth less than cattle, as we witness when a carriage full of migrant workers is thrown over a cliff when a Yankee patrol spots them. Fargo, who has black and white flashbacks to being mistreated as a child by some white guys, is also at odds with a kind Mexican lady who wants to take care of her people. Fargo's number might be up due to the appearance of a couple of bounty hunters; The good natured but deadly Anthony Steffen, who starts off by gunning down the bandit Sartana. The other bounty hunter is the not-so-good natured William Berger, a milk drinking preacher with a seven barrelled rifle who hunts down and kills a few wanted villians but is willing to meet up with Sartana to take down Fargo's gang, where there's a fair price on most of their heads. There's a slight sub-plot involving the Mexican smuggling racket being exposed (where Mariangela Giordano gets a few shots in) but everything really boils down to Steffen and Berger taking on scores of Fargo's men in various situations, with a few double crosses thrown in for good measure (William Berger gets ripped off at one point and runs around screaming "C'mere! You can't steal from me - it's a sin!"). The plot might be the usual, but director Garrone throws in loads of weird camera angles and trippy visuals. It's a good companion piece to his Django The Bastard, and makes me wonder why he would go on to bore us to death with the horror films Lover of the Monster and The Hand that Feeds the Dead. I'll watch anything with William Berger in it mind you. He's always got a cheeky look on his face, even when gunning down scores of bad guys.

Reviewed by TankGuy 8 / 10 / 10

It's not the worst Spaghetti Western,but neither is it the best

In the Spaghetti Western timeline, the year 1969 will always stand out, because during this year,surprisingly few Spaghetti Westerns were made. I like to call it a bridging year between the genres glory days and it's later twilight years. For example, most of the pre 1969 Spaghettis were the more well known and serious ones, with film's like the Dollars trilogy(1964-1966),ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST(1968)and THE BIG GUNDOWN(1966) giving the worn out western genre a new lease of life. But post 1969,the Spaghetti western novelty was beginning to wear off and the genre was becoming something of a joke,e.g with the Trinity films and the countless Django/Sartana spinoffs, the violent, brutal Spaghetti Western had died and the genre had been reduced to mostly cheaply made childish comedies in order for studios to make money.NO ROOM TO DIE was one of the Spaghettis made in 1969,a year when directors were unsure whether to make a serious, brooding film or a light-hearted one. The plot of this film is simple and doesn't take much explanation, two bounty hunters, Johnny Brandon(ANTHONY STEFFEN)and Everett Murdoch(WILLIAM BERGER)team up to catch a gang of outlaws who, under the pay of a corrupt banker, are smuggling illegal Mexican immigrants across the border where they are often exploited and taken advantage of. Murdoch is only interested in the money, but Brandon has a score to settle... Being honest, I was a little disappointed with this film, it was pretty average and wasn't as good as I had expected. It failed to impress me but at the same time it isn't the worst Spaghetti Western, it's a decent and serviceable flick. The storyline is very good and it's a little different to your usual Spaghetti premise, but it's full of plot holes. Johnny Brandon spends the whole film highlighting that he is not going after the baddies for the money but in the end we never find out what motivated him in the first place and in the final scene he gives all the money to the Mexican girl and says "You know what it's for", this confused me because we in the audience don't and never do find out what it's for,I guess the director wanted to leave it to our imaginations, but he did a very bad job of it.There's also a terrible lack of character development, the Mexican girl is in some way involved with the villain, but we never find out how or why. There's also a couple of flashbacks involving the villain, showing him as a child and then showing him as an adult shooting some guys in a saloon, mind you, these flashbacks were brilliantly done, shot in black and white, but I couldn't understand what they were all about, they are never explained and just seem pointless and unconnected with the film. The scene at the beginning, just after the opening credits, in which a wagon full of Mexicans is pushed over a cliff was terribly done, all we see is the Mexican's horror stricken faces accompanied with some atrocious camera spinning followed by the wagon lying in pieces at the bottom, it would have been much better if they had shown the full wagon flying over the cliff and crashing to the bottom. The film dragged quite a bit and was a little slow and tedious in parts with a fair few scenes of heavy dialogue. The action scenes were pretty good, I quite liked the shootouts but they all looked and seemed the same, making them kind of monotonous, they didn't really send me flying out of my chair, however I did enjoy watching all the stuntmen jerk about, fall of their horses and fall down hills as they got shot. The final duel/shootout between the villain,Murdoch and Brandon was suspenseful and did improve the film a little, look out for when Brandon shots Murdoch, the latter's facial expression is priceless. I though Murdoch's weapon of choice was awesome, it's a multiple barrelled Shotgun, similar to the one used by Richard Widmark in THE ALAMO(1960).The soundtrack was really good, there's a part of it that sounded to me like a tongue-in-cheek variation on the Dun-Dun-Dun thing, it's played at the beginning of most scenes or whenever someone appears to kill somebody and gives the film a rather comical feel. The acting and characters were good enough, Steffen and Berger were good as the two bounty hunters and I liked Mario Brega's character, they were interesting but just very poorly developed. To conclude, I wasn't exactly thrilled by this one, I wouldn't say its one if my favourite SWs, but it certainly isn't the worst. Bad character development, plot holes and lack of soul in the action scenes brought it down, I was originally going to give it a 7/10,but I think I'll be kind and give it an 8.

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