North Face

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Florian Lukas as Werner Scharff
Johanna Wokalek as Cécile
Ulrich Tukur as Henning von Tresckow
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by winstonsmith_84 10 / 10 / 10

Excellent, Epic, Tragic... Brilliant.

The reaction this film got at the Pusan International Film Festival (PIFF) in Pusan, South Korea, was better than any of the other big movies there. This movie gets a 10 out of 10 from me. It is a harsh story about Germany in the 30s as the Nazis were rising and wishing to prove to the world that they were the best. The tale is about two German men who take on a very difficult climb. The story is quite riveting, and human. Full of laughs, tragedy, and ... a little bit of a love story. Although the movie starts a little slowly, it really picks up about one third the way in. The main characters (the two mountain climbers and the one female love interest) are all solid actors, well directed, and well casted. The director did a great job at capturing the climb. Everything was so convincingly shot, it makes you wonder if they actually filmed some of it on a real mountain. I suppose they must have used CGI, but it was used so sparingly and realistically that it must be commended. The contrast between the plight of the mountain climbers and that of the rich bystanders makes the movie so much more emotionally riveting. Some people in the audience cried. This is a tragedy that must be seen. It captures humanity at its best and worst... and shows us that sometimes nature rules our lives, and that it is not forgiving. Overall, I felt this movie was a small masterpiece. One that will probably not be seen by many. But for those who do, you will get a very special treat... It was especially amazing to know that you, as the viewer, had more than a telescope to watch this climb with... unlike the bystanders in the movie, we were able to see more than just the ascent and the final moment. We saw the part that mattered the most: the climb. 10/10.. Solid

Reviewed by cdrbond007 10 / 10 / 10

Best climbing movie ever

I have seen a lot of climbing movies and this one tops them all. The climbing scenes are remarkable- it will keep you on the edge of your seat! To see these guys climbing thousands of feet up on this face with the old equipment is incredible, and you feel like you are actually there with the amazing cinematography. It left me asking, "how in the world did they film that?!" It is an astonishing true story. If you don't know about it, do yourself a favor and watch the movie before reading about it. Why don't they make more movies like this?? Hollywood needs to learn a lesson…tell a true story, be faithful to it, and don't rely on CGI and special effects.

Reviewed by gwlucca 10 / 10 / 10

Not just a great climbing film -- it's a little masterpiece

Nordwand moves along like a finely jeweled Swiss watch. It functions at many levels: It is the story of a young female trying to earn respect in a man's world of journalism in 1936 Berlin. It is the story of her boss, whose "nose for news" reflects the morbid fascination of a readership that craves either the heights of historic triumph or the depths of tragic failure -- any middle ground is not "newsworthy." It is the tale of young friends trying to make names for themselves by daring exploit. The film poses many questions. Is our attraction to mortally dangerous acts powered by the same force that drew Roman crowds to the gladiator arena? Do adventurers seek glory for themselves, or are they goaded to risk their lives for the satisfaction of others? And if the daring cross the line between the heroic and the foolhardy, must their rescuers do the same? This film is a travelogue back in time, from Berlin to Bavaria to the Swiss Alps by bicycle and train. It's an art film, with the Eiger providing photogenic backdrop. It's an adventure film. It's a love story. It's a tragedy. It is one part historic documentary and three parts cinematic drama, all in cadence. Oh yes, it is also a great film about climbing.

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