Not the Messiah: He's a Very Naughty Boy


Comedy / Music / Musical

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October 5, 2021



Eric Idle as Baritonish / Stan aka Loretta / Bob Dylan / Ben
Michael Palin as Mrs. Betty Palin / Julius Caesar / Bevis
Sanjeev Bhaskar as Mountie
Terry Jones as Workingman / Mexican / Mountie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by brown_craig_s 10 / 10 / 10


Nothing prepared me for this show, i have been a python fan for as long as i can remember. On arrival to the Albert hall casually waiting to go in Eric idle walks passed and gives me a hug to my amazement. Back to the show, musically amazing the feeling when liberty bell bellowed through the hall from a 200 piece orchestra it brought a tear to my eye. The show was amazing, scripted perfectly with new songs and jokes but still keeping faith with the life of Brian. Cameos from the pythons make it almost the full Monty and the jokes and banter still there after 400 years. The show is amazing and really worth watching, i was honoured to be there live but even watching back on DVD its still amazing. Loved every minute of it and shows that Monty Python is still as fresh as ever

Reviewed by adam_wilde 10 / 10 / 10


This 'film' is an absolutely amazing treat for any Monty Python fan! Being a big Python fan myself, this came a treat on my first watch and gets better the more I watch and listen to the show. This concert film should NOT be compared to Life of Brian, it is a retelling of the story in a completely different way, it is more of an enhancement of Life of Brian than anything else. The film is very, very funny by referencing the jokes everyone loves in Life of Brian as well as adding new ones, which makes it feel completely new and fresh, whilst still keeping within Python guidelines. All the surviving Python's return (apart from John Cleese) which is a bonus for any Python fan. If you are a fan of Python, you will LOVE this... if you ain't a Python fan, chances are you won't be converted to the Python way. But personally - I LOVED IT!

Reviewed by andrew-petelka 10 / 10 / 10

A different strain of Monty Python

While many people continue to directly compare it to Life of Brian, they do not notice that it is done in the oratorio style, which they nail. While I did not find a lot of it completely hilarious, there were plenty of great toe-tapping numbers that uplift the spirit and still gives you a huge smile. The soloists all seemed to have a great connection with each other and even managed to joke with the director from time to time. The BBC symphonic orchestra managed to nail everything, although with such a well-known orchestra, I'd expect nothing less. Just to help jog everyone's memory, an oratorio is an extended musical composition that lacks action, scenery, costumes. So while yes, this is Life of Brian, they go at it in a completely different approach. If you can only think of Monty Python in the terms they drew up when they first came out, you will find this thing a huge waste of time. However, if you can accept that they like to do different things and you enjoy some mighty fine musical numbers, than this is definitely going to be a show you love. I just wish they didn't choose to do it just once. I'd love to get to see this show live.

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