Notes from the Heart Healer

Drama / TV Movie

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TroyeEvans 3 / 10 / 10

A Single Mother's Journey to Reflection and Reconciliation

Notes from the Heart Healer is a light family film that attempts to discuss family ties and relationships between total strangers. It is a small-scaled TV movie that describes the journey of a single mother in a moderate pace and an appropriate tone throughout. The film begins with a dilemma of a single mother whose husband is no longer around, and sets off a journey to ultimate reflection and reconciliation. Violet is a desperate mother of very young age, sick and has just been terminated from her employment. She comes up with a difficult decision - leaving the infant with someone who can care for him - and it is one that drives the drama into motion. What follows is an intact combination of dramatic elements and a sentimental trip from loss to being found. Peyton and King, a newly married couple, are given the characters of total strangers, yet they remain also two main backbone characters that move the film forward as they are left with the responsibility of temporarily taking care of the abandoned child. Peyton is also facing her dark past, and is herself in a dilemma no easier to extricate from than Violet. Violet eventually meets with Peyton, and they together form another intriguing relationship as more is revealed about Violet's family and her husband who is not here to help take care of his own child. It also brings out the husband's father, and ergo it leads to another troubled relationship between him and Violet. Notes from the Heart Healer is a movie made for TV that is both moving and mind-stimulating, devoid of unrelated silliness or a pace too slow, and, pulls itself together by its meaning and emotional effect despite the lack of top-class acting.

Reviewed by irbroyles 10 / 10 / 10

Notes From the Heart

The above review is the reason why you cannot trust another's views. I really enjoyed the wholesome movie. It showed me that love and compassion win over selfishness. The husband was loving and kind towards his wife, the abandoned baby and mother of the baby. The ending was the topping on the cake! So many movies have profanity in them and acts of selfishness. The fact that the middle aged couple will be helping other babies like Charlie is a real consolation. The blogger is allowing herself to be healed and the teaching on forgiveness was really another enhancer. No, I do not think the movie was poorly written. The background music did not take away from the movie. Also, I loved the landscapes and views of the water. I really liked the peaceful atmosphere. And most importantly, I appreciated the couple's testimony of faith in the true and living God!

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10 / 10

Poignant Tale of What We Want in Life-'Heart Healer' ****

Excellent film where Genie Francis, a married woman, is forced to reexamine her priorities when an abandoned baby is left at her door. Francis, who was previously married, gave up her own daughter after the death of her husband. Her current husband also has had difficulties in reconnecting with his son from his first marriage. While temporarily taking care of the baby, they discover what the mother has gone through. She lost her boyfriend in an army training accident and has been virtually abandoned by her mother and the father of the dead youth. She finds all this out through a thorough investigation to determine who had left the child at the door. The film is a great one as it forces up to examine our pasts as well as our ideas.

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