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Aleks Paunovic as Sergeant Winshiser
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DogFilmCritic 5 / 10 / 10


I read the plot and i thought this looked interesting, it reminded me of the movie a simple plan but that movie was way more interesting than this. While i watch it i could think of way better movies with the same theme that i could be watching, i don't hate it but nothing got me hooked to it. I mean its not bad but there's nothing there that hasn't been done before in more interesting ways. The characters were boring and forgettable with very used situations on way they are looking for the gold. Ill give thumbs up to the make up it look pretty good, either than that the movie is flat and its something to watch a Sunday afternoon and i doubt you will remember ever watching it afterwards. Sadly this movie has a lot of "good reviews" or should i say payed reviews making it a thrilling master piece, I dare you to watch it and give it a 10 out of 10

Reviewed by A_Different_Drummer 7 / 10 / 10

In many ways the QuintEssential Canadian indie

And that may not be a compliment. As I have indicated in other reviews, it is hard to review Canadian films entirely on their own merits. Frankly,if you did, they would not fare especially well. Because the Canadian film industry is one of those odd businesses which does not have to survive entirely on its own merits. Because of tax breaks, dollar exchanges, and geographical placement, the Canunk film machine is a lot like the president of a company that got the job not on talent but because he was the nephew or son in law of the Chairman of the Board. He can do the job. But there are also many others who can do it better. Typical of the genre, we have a minimalist cast, largely unknown (although Bamber could pass for an international leading man) and a story which (heavy sigh) is a re-imagining of something older and wiser, (in this case Treasure of Sierra Madre, more or less.) Where the film gets props it is for the attempt (and I am choosing my words carefully) to turn the Canadian climate into a natural horror backdrop. This is somewhat clever and works somewhat well. To the point where you almost expect to see in the closing credits a SFX nod to "Mother Nature." That said, the script is not especially sharp, nor is the acting. The brilliant and unappreciated TV series Fortitude did a much better job of making a natural climate seem menacing and scary. (Recommended if you missed it.) Plus, (again heavy sigh) the film suffers from the standards "tells" one sees in most Canadian indies. The cinematography, the lighting, is perfect. Literally perfect. You get the feeling that the Director refused to shoot on any day that was overcast or had bad weather. Because in 40 years of trying, Canadian film-makers have never quite grasped that sometimes imperfection makes a story more credible. Even the outfits worn by the actors (until the final 15 minutes) look like they were replaced each morning, brand new, from the local Walmart. Other IMDb members have commented on the fake reviews (a true failing in the IMDb system, especially with obscure films that get few reviews) so we will not go there. And yes the film did win awards but (you guessed it) from a Canadian Award group. Essentially a group that had to find SOMEONE to give the awards to each year -- a paradox within a conundrum. Within an industry created by accountants.

Reviewed by mtjohnson-61001 7 / 10 / 10

A decent movie- *****Contains spoilers*****

This was more than a movie about greedy people searching for a pot of gold. This was pure unadulterated desperation by people searching for another life. They could not turn back not only because they had come to far but because they did not want the lives they were hoping to leave behind. They were willing to risk it all for the lure of gold. It really speaks to how wealth and materialism have pervaded our culture and become essentially worth more than life itself to far to many people. The frost biting cold wasn't enough to stop them because they had tunnel vision motivated by greed and desperation. Even if there was a better way to accomplish their mission they didn't trust each other and the idea of the wealth and life that lie ahead would not allow them to see the forest for the trees. There was only one of them with a smidgen of rational and even he was to fool hearty to leave before almost dying from the bitter cold. If ever there was a movie that reflected the saying "desperate times calls for drastic measures" this movie certainly fits the bill. The acting was good too.

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