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Elden Henson as Fulton
Josh Hartnett as Boy Sweat Dave
Julia Stiles as Young Nana's Friend
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asad-zaman-toronto 3 / 10 / 10

The usual

Some school violence some dancing some teenage angst Julia Stiles going spread eagle for a black guy.. honestly the usual

Reviewed by srqokop 10 / 10 / 10

Not What You Think

I thought this is a film about or full of orgasms but it was not that. It was a multicultural movie, but the girl was slim and attractive and also no ink so was not trashy.

Reviewed by BettieTeese 10 / 10 / 10

O soars high

Critics have accused Tim Blake Nelson's cinematic version of Shakespeare's Othello,of 'glorifying' violence in a school setting,but i strongly disagree,and believe that this somewhat controversial film should be viewed by teenagers.It explores the origins of school violence and how teen angst can lead to tragedy.The film communicates a powerful message that no teenager is incapable of taking their jealousy to extremes,and O's superb cast of young actors effectively demonstrate how treachery and envy can lead to tragedy.Quite correctly,the film is aimed at a teenage audience,with a smorgasboard of hot young talent.Mehki Phifer,portrays Odin,the star basketball player who has everything going for him,until his 'friend' Hugo (Josh Hartnett) is overcome with his emotions and envy for Odin that he devotes his time and effort to destroying his life,which he ultimately succeeds in doing.Phifer is remarkable in his role,but Hartnett steals the show in a performance that he's never outdone.Hartnett was perfectly cast as the dark,manipulative and evil character,and its hard to pick a flaw in his performance.Julia Stiles also performs well as Desi Brable,the sweet,smart and pretty girlfriend of Odin.O is a gripping tale based on love,friendship,betrayal and deceit,issues which are effectively explored and given the importance they need in the film.It is hard-hitting and confronting,and not easily forgotten.Excessive explicit language,graphic violence and a very disturbing sex scene are most memorable.What hits hardest is how the characters treat each other,and there are scenes that are difficult to sit through,but its important that you do.O leaves you drained,but its nothing less than a masterpiece.Don't expect any sugar coating either;there isn't any.Finally,a teen film which is raw and real.

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