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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by p-stepien 2 / 10 / 10

Carnivorous teens

Fronted by the fame of Jack Ketchum "Offspring" does no favours for the man behind the idea. In a small lavishly situated in North-Eastern USA woodland area just next to the ocean, numerous series of morbid murders and disappearances have occurred in the span of the several generations. In the latest of them a young couple and their baby were brutally murdered and than dissected for meat by a group of roaming savage cavemen teenagers. But the carnage is only just begun, as apparently this is feeding season... Devoid of proper pacing or acting "Offspring" puts all its money on one card: visceral brutal gore (including fairly graphic disembowelling, burning people alive, baby-killing, brain-munchies and a very disturbing biting off of a vagina). The plot that crudely staples the movie together is a whisker away of falling on top of itself, mainly due to some inept back-story, where apparently the police know about these 'cave-men' for decades, but just didn't have the proper motivation (?) to do something about the issue. Irrespective of how many people, including children, go missing due to their activities. Any doubts regarding this wanton incompetence is cast aside by a statement, that the wild people roam freely across the border with Canada and there is no exchange of information between the two countries. This would however at least presume that however wild our rapturous cannibals may be, they still have a strong sense of self-preservation. Which unfortunately goes amiss at the start of this debacle, when they go on a killing spree and do not even bother to cover up their tracks, hence bringing about a hunt (however misguided it may turn out to be). Mingling in between this nonsense is a yuppie group of cardboard characterisations, which only benefit to the story is that they turn out to be useful for nondescript morbid murder and torture (although I fail to see why a women breastfeeding someone elses baby would result in her screaming in agony and despair, but well... I ain't a woman). Obviously filmed on a shoe-string budget and unfortunately the only thing that the creators were adept at was making proper disgusting and adequately gory special effects. Within the confines of the lack of money and filmmaking skills (strongly suggesting this was in all essence a student film) this pastes together to become quite an overdrawn, predictable and tiresome affair with substandard cinematography, lighting, sound, editing and acting (complemented by overflowing cheesy dialogue).

Reviewed by SnakesOnAnAfricanPlain 8 / 10 / 10

Offspring (2009)

Not completely without it's merits, but most of them are buried below a sea of crap. I like Jack Ketchum, his stories do have an extra something. The script is let down by some poor acting and hilariously awkward moments that just don't fit. You can set up a character as a slimeball without such a heavy handed pervert/hitchhiker scene. The acting from the offspring/wild people is comic at best. One boy jumps into shot going "Hee hee hee", like some pantomime witch. The gore is done rather well, and there were nice parts, such as the first kill. It made a nice and chilling change to see a scene not played for jumps, but for the awkward silence. Perhaps worth a watch, as it is short.

Reviewed by darleneshadow 8 / 10 / 10

Cannibals, killer children, Female leader

This is about a primitive family of people that are cannibals and live like cavemen. It could have been a real steaming pile and that is what I expected, but it was really good! There is LOTS OF GORE so it that isn't what your in the mood for, then pass on this one. I was really impressed with the special effects and they had a great cast! These people actually knew how to act which is rare in horror films. The hero in this story is actually a young, preadolescent boy. The antagonist lead is played by a woman. Those 2 things alone make this unique enough to kept me interested throughout the film. I also love that they weren't afraid to make the children killers or to kill them. As a horror movie it DEFINITELY deserves better than a 5. I have seen some real crap in the horror genre that was rated a 5. I wish that people that don't like the genre at all would just QUIT VOTING!! It isn't fair to true fans.

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