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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by a_malik-992-868823 9 / 10 / 10

A film made in 1970 still relevant in 2017!

I saw this as part of the BFI film festival in October 2017 in London. I was curious because it featured immigration from Mauritania, a country I had visited decades before, to France, who were the colonialist rulers of Mauritania. The film starts in a really interesting and visual manner with many of the first scenes framing whats to come in the rest of the movie. The themes in the movie are as relevant now in 2017 as they were back in the 1960's/70's. The acting is acceptable, and one can only marvel at the innovative way the film is made on such a low budget. I was laughing, crying, dismaying, basically this film makes the viewer go through a gamut of emotions. I think this film should be essential viewing for anyone interested in colonialism, racism, immigration, and last but not least, African cinema.

Reviewed by valbrazon / 10

A very good movie about racism

The director Med Hondo is mostly famous for be the official french translator of Eddy Murphy and Morgan Freeman. He also made few movies and "Soleil O" is his first movie. It's a movie about racism against peoples from Africa in France during the sixties. We follow the story of a young black man who leave his country and goes to France because he his interested in French culture and want to find a work. Unfortunately, he will understand as he isn't welcomed because a lot of peoples are racist. I really appreciated this movie because racism is a topical subject and this movie has been shot in 1967! A must see movie.

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