One Christmas Wish


Drama / Family / Musical

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September 25, 2021



Casey Dubois as Cameron
Dawn Chubai as CBS News Reporter
Frank C. Turner as Homeless Man
Sean Michael Kyer as Bryan Montgomery
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mbang-1 10 / 10 / 10

Best Christmas TV Movie of the Year!

I watch a lot of TV holiday movies in December. Most of them are pretty predictable--two nice looking people who meet and like each other, but then something goes haywire and one of them hurts the other or leaves or somehow they end up on the outs, only to reunite for a happy ending and the perfect Christmas. This movie was so refreshing because none of that happened. For one thing, it's based on a true story. Jackie Turner is played by Amber Riley, who really does a outstanding job in that role. Jackie Turner is a young woman who had a rough childhood and a rough adolescence, but she managed to pick up the pieces and work towards a future. This movie follows her as Christmas approaches. She's a college student, in the church choir, works, etc. So we see her as she interacts with college friends, work friends, church friends, a teachers, etc. And while it looks like she has it all together to everyone who knows her, we find out that she doesn't have any family to enjoy Christmas with. So, she places an ad for a family to spend Christmas with. The fallout of that ad is the heartbreak and joy of real life, and how this college woman handled it. It's a very moving and inspiring story. It really made me think of how those who do not have loved ones to spend Christmas with feel. Definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by gehewe 8 / 10 / 10

I Wish All Christmas Movies Were This Moving

This was a wonderful surprise. The movie had a higher than normal rating (7.1) which attracted me to watch it. Amber Riley was great in the lead role and she was the force behind its success. She portrayed an unstoppable vibrant beautiful good person who came through adversity. Beautiful singing in spots fit right in with the character. The movie was gripping. The description did not do it justice. It was about kids that did not have a family to go to for Christmas and how one such kid overcame. Guess what- it is based on a true story. Well done. Really it was a very simple movie. It was well done and was memorable. Only about 1 in 10 movies will I rate a 10. This one had that special something. I enjoyed the girls (5 of them), the soon to be boyfriend and the professor in the supporting cast. They all contributed positively to the movie.

Reviewed by Irishchatter 8 / 10 / 10

A very good little Christmas TV movie!

I am so pleased to have seen Amber Riley on this as it's been ages since I last saw her on Glee. This movie isn't your typical overrated Christmas film you would normally see but its way more realistic! I loved how it concentrates on individuals who never had families or have been abused in their homes so Christmas can be just a hard time for those people. I just think Christmas causes lots of pressure as well for families that don't have much money. I'm not exactly a Christmas fan but I think this movie was pretty good! I honestly thought this is the best holiday film I've ever seen, they should actually show this to anyone who is finding it tough on Christmas!

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