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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacobfuller-03631 8 / 10 / 10

Impressive debut

An exciting director to watch out for! Nate Strayer's first feature shows a deep understanding of storytelling. Circular arcs of some characters and matching shots where's character roles have been switched Nate's writing is impressive in the details of a motion picture. It is thrilling and delivers some chilling visuals. Even more impressive is the size of the crew... which was insanely small in pulling off a feat such as this. Watching the film you would never know. The cinematography is quite stunning at times and the film really takes advantage of beautiful locations. Much like the director I see this cinematographer as something very exciting to watch out for as well!

Reviewed by mansfield-65741 10 / 10 / 10

Watch to see an actress maintain the same facial expression for 90% of the movie

This movie was painful to watch. The lead actress was atrocious. So many crying scenes and not a tear in sight. And as my title states, her facial expressions "run the gamut from A to B" as Dorothy Parker once wrote. The main actor was slightly better, although rather monotone in his delivery of lines. The movie tried to have a clever twist but by the time it arrived I was more interested in how close the movie was to finishing.

Reviewed by cludema 10 / 10 / 10

Suspenseful Shift

I enjoyed this movie beginning to end, especially the twist that slowly unfolds. I love suspense thrillers with twists, and the filmmaker did such a good job of revealing it slowly. Some viewers will see it just a little sooner while others will be delightfully surprised by how it's all pulled together. Enjoy!

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