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Candice Azzara as Bambi
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Judge Reinhold as Officer Gross
Paul Reubens as Howie Hamburger Dude
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dario_the_2nd 9 / 10 / 10

Don't forget to brush your teeth!

For the 1-Line reader: "Outstanding entertainment"! If you agree with this STATEMENT - Scroll down and vote "yes" If you DON'T agree with this STATEMENT - Scroll down and vote "no" The more in-depth reader, … Let me start with the great opening of this movie. The 80ties feeling beams straight into your living room, the "Hammeradian" sound score, guiding the opening-credits and the credits themselves have this cliché font in its 80ties yellowish color, impeccable! The movie features every possible cliché, pointing the finger to several well known horror movies. Surprisingly there are plenty of catchy funny moments popping-up at the most unexpected moments. The on-screen victim-counter adds a certain but important extra towards the exaggeration of wanting to be a spoof-movie. The trick works. Very striking were absolutely "THE" many characters that pass by. Only this, is reason enough to give the movie a shot, because I can't think of any other movie that features such strange diversity of mavericks. I was for the 1st time introduced to some weird looking species with special features, such as: The- coolest-nerd, The-most-repelling-female-bus-driver, The-biggest-nut-case-shock-treatment-patient "EVER", Paper-Rocket-Science-Boy, The-school-example-of (dumb)-blond, quite aggressive-waitresses, a Godzilla-stewardess and The-toothpaste-addict, to name only a few. You just can't think of such diversity of characters, and that's the exact reason why you will be flabbergasted over and over by the most but certainly very interesting- aberrant bunch of weirdos, and pay attention, all of a sudden we see Miss Eva Arden in a well known role, her role as "Principal". For those who don't her know, definitely have to see "Grease"! She shows once again her powers and qualities that made her famous. Nevertheless as personal favorite, I stick to the amazing, "Paper-Rocket-Science-Boy! The technology used by him to deliver newspapers is NASA's biggest classified document, nevertheless our paperboy had a master class rocket-science! The moment you think you've seen it all the movie knows to surprise you "AGAIN", plenty of WTF?-moments with absolute tremendous originality when talking about VISUAL comedy. Here I have to mention a remarkable detail, that's the fact, in this movie the Canadian Mountain police comes standard with the horse. Accurate and precisely placed visual comedy! Top-Notch! Not even mentioning the Disney-guided-tour that happens all of a sudden in the middle of the sport stadium while the cheerleaders have their practicing round. The acting as we can and should expect of such movies is simply said, spot-on! Dialogue can be as penetrating as a freshly sharpened knife. This actually counts for the whole lot. Acting, camera work, screenplay, dialog, sets, you name it is as cliché as it could be, nevertheless it all works flawless like a fine oiled machine. Viewers who watch a little closer and read between the lines will discover and deeply hidden, a plot that surprisingly links us to "Carrie". The movie doesn't try to hide anything, reason why they almost, "show-off" with their rip-off, of the classic, by now well known and used a zillion times in other movies, the Jaws-tune. Not all jokes reach their intended climax, some of them are a letdown but because of the speed-editing and the pace of the movie, these few misfortunes of jokes disappear straight into the oblivious fields of our mind, just because of this editing and the amount of countless knee-slappers, a bad joke disappears into thin air. If I had to pick one of the widen choice that are available, definitely I'll go for the: "I'm-goin-to-brush-my-teeth-and-you-can-watch-Mr. decay-scene! Hilarious material. At the same time an "Electric-toothbrush" gets a complete new definition. One of these quick paced scenes, which has an hilarious impact, is the scene where the police car arrives at the crime scene. Who's sitting in the back of the police car, sticking out his head? The Canadian Mountain policeman's horse! A priceless moment! This great little film, that doesn't prove at all looking at its art-cover to be a comy-horror movie, will surprise every viewer no matter his or her age! The movie is one big laugh and top entertainment! 9 outta 10 / momentous spoof! Now, after reading this you can honestly vote, useful yes or no… Thank you, D/

Reviewed by NateF88 5 / 10 / 10

Extremely funny and fun slasher movie spoof.

Pandemonium is one of the best horror movie spoofs ever made. It's definatly as funny as Scary Movie, which was made after this. It's about a woman named Bambi ("Like the little deer." she says)who helped out at a football game in a town called It Had to Be, Indiana. She wanted to be a cheerleader badly so that the man of her dreams (that is a football player there) would lover her. When the football team wins the championship game 5 cheerleaders are impaled on a flying javeline after the game and are murdered. Soon after tons of cheerleaders die over the next 20 years, where some die from exploding pom-poms! Finally cheerleader camps all over the country are shut down, and closed permenently. 20 years later, Bambi's Summer Cheerleader Camp opens up. Many fear a tragedy. Bambi's the leader of the camp, along with helpers Pepe and Salt. There are six cheerleaders comming. 3 boys and 3 girls. They are Candy ( played by Carol Kane who was adorable and wonderful for the role), Sandy, Mandy (a cheerleader obssessed with having perfect teeth and toothpaste), Randy, Andy, and Glen(who's last name is Dandy, so everone's name rymes.)Little do the seven who are at that camp know that a killer is at the camp and is ready to kill all seven of them. But not if Sergeant Reginald Cooper, his assistant Johnson, and his pet horse Bob can stop the killer. Jarrett, a psycho, who killed his whole family with a hand drill and turned them into bookshelves escaped from a mental institution and begins to kill the residents of another institution. He is mistaken to be the cheerleader killer, so the cheerleader killer is a mysterious killer. Every minute you will be laughing. Im surprised this was rated PG, there is violence (most is comical), language, sexual humor, and sexual material. So really, this is a PG-rated version of Scary Movie. Event though it's PG, it wouldn't be suitible for kids under 5. But it's still a great movie, and I highly recommend it. *spoiler* The killings are funny. A girl gets drilled to death in her mouth with a toothbrush, a man has a pom-pom stuffed into his mouth choking him, and more! It's really funny. I recommend it highly. see it on t.v. (it's on Showtime usually). This is a must see for people who like spoofs of horror movies!

Reviewed by FieCrier 5 / 10 / 10

somewhat amusing, but disappointing horror spoof

Odd thing about the post/cover art for this: you'd have no idea it was a horror movie at all, it just looks like a straight comedy. I knew it was a horror spoof, though, and watched it almost back to back with Student Bodies (1981), which I feel was slightly better than this one. This almost feels like it was made for TV. It starts off with a shot of the moon, and we see the shadow of a wolf baying on the moon's surface, which is revealed to be cast by hands doing shadow puppets, which become hands grabbing a football pass. Four cheerleaders get skewered by a long javelin toss by a mystery killer, so long, the javelin is more like a heat-seeking missile. It makes a shish-ka-bob of them. This is in "It Had to Be, Indiana" at It Had to Be University (It Had to Be U - I like Bullwinkle's Whattsamotta U better). Years later, a woman reopens the cheerleading school. Each of the new students is introduced by a caption "Victim #1," "#2," etc. Exposition is accompanied by an "Exposition" caption, then "Still More Exposition" etc. A bit weak. Student Bodies relied on captions for humor too. Isabella Telezynska plays a character spoofing Maria Ouspenskaya's Maleva character from Universal's The Wolf Man, offering a warning in rhyme about pompoms. Carol Kane plays a Carrie-like psychic girl raised by an oppressive mother. Meanwhile, a driller killer who turns his victims into wood furniture somehow has escaped from prison, and a madman wearing a mask has escaped from an asylum and they hit the road together. The madman's doctor is in pursuit. Tommy Smothers is the local cop, a Royal Canadian Mountie, for some reason, who has a horse with a circle painted around one eye, and a deputy or servant played by Paul Reubens, doing his Pee Wee Herman voices and laughs, but behaving surly. The deaths are not quite as odd as in Student Bodies, but there are a lot of them. There are a number of good actors in this movie (like Donald O'Connor and Phil Hartman) who are on screen for so short a time, and given so little to do, often stupid, that they are wasted. There are some funny lines in the movie, and it is just funny enough not to be a total waste of time.

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