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Jacques Tati as Monsieur Hulot
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by zetes 9 / 10 / 10

Like all Tati films, it's much better on repeated viewings

It felt slight the first time around, but, wow, this really is a great film. It now reminds me of two other television productions from great European directors around the same time period, Fellini's Clowns and Bergman's The Magic Flute. Many people love those films, both very mediocre in their respective directors' canons, but there seems to be little love for Parade. It is deliberately low-key, but I found a lot in it this second time. At first glance, it doesn't seem to be much more than a filmed circus performance. But there's more. We don't only see the performances, although they probably take up most of the screen time. We also see the performers backstage. We see how much they love to do this. Even during the intermission, when no member of the audience can see him, Tati performs one of his mime acts for his fellow performers. And, something I didn't pay much attention to the first time, these performers, when they're backstage - and sometimes when they're on the stage - are constantly painting, painting pictures, the sets, all kinds of things. Not only is this film about the love of performance, but the love of artistic creation. And not only is it about that, but it's also about the audience's joy of watching the performers, and, sometimes, their joy of interacting with the performers onstage. Parade buzzes with a sense of Andre Bazin's famed moment. There's so much beauty to be found. And then there's that gorgeous ending, with the little boy and girl re-enacting the circus performers as they break down their sets and disappear. What a magical image Tati has left us, his final of the cinema. I love him more than, I believe, any other director. He touches me deeply in my heart.

Reviewed by zetes 5 / 10 / 10

Not a major Tati work, but a satisfying swan song

Tati was really going for something here, but I'm not quite sure what. He's being so subtle here that I couldn't really tell what his point was. The film is all about a circus, with performances by clowns, magicians, acrobats, jugglers, a band, and Jacques Tati. The different scenes vary in worth - the jugglers are awesome, but there's one sequence, where people try to jump on a pony and a donkey, that's very cruel to animals (although it ends wonderfully). One of the bigger disappointments of the film are Jacques Tati's mimes. Not that they're bad, but Tati fans have already seen them all. He impersonates a football player, a boxer, a tennis player, a fisherman, and an equestrian. This is how he first got famous in the 30s and 40s, by impersonating sportsmen, but at 70 something, his miming isn't as great anymore. And we've seen them all the way back to Watch Your Left and up to The Night Course. The action isn't just of the circus performers. Tati also goes behind the scenes of the circus and especially to the audience. A lot of the film, in fact, observes the audience. We get to know several of them as characters. The ending is quite great. It has the same bittersweet tone that all of Tati's endings have. I actually teared up a little, but that was mostly because I knew that this was the last time "Une film de Jacques Tati" would ever appear on screen. I didn't love Parade, but I certainly liked it. 7/10.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 5 / 10 / 10

Uneven final film from Jacques Tati alternates from good to deadly dull. While it contains some great bits, this is probably for Tati complete-ists only

Those looking for the sustained genius of Jacques Tati need to look else where. This is a wildly uneven filmed record of a circus performance. Tati acts as master of ceremonies and performs some of his music hall routines, while other circus people do their things. We also watch as "off stage", but plainly in view, the performers get ready for their routines and prepare props and paintings. Its an uneven mix that swings from very clever (hockey team with string quartet or the magic tricks) to dull (some of Tati's bits and say the polka band). Its best to have the remote ready. As I said at the start, those looking for the magic of the earlier Tati films are bound to be disappointed. That said there are some moments that are pure Tati such as some of the shots showing the audience filing in and being an audience, no one would dare show people being people other than Tati. There are some wonderful throw aways, the motorcycle helmets, the people trying to get into the right "studio" that play like deleted scenes from Playtime or M. Hulot's Holiday. They are small seconds long bits but they make wading through the dull spots worth it. Probably the weakest of all the films Tati made, its still worth a look for those who need to get a fix of Jacques Tati. I'd recommend renting it rather than buying it simply because its probably not going to be something you'll watch again, or repeatedly.

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