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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by merle moran 3 / 10 / 10

remarkably Tyler Perry routine

What kind of judge has a huge estate that rivals anything available in Beverly Hills, CA? Has he got something going on the side? We never know. The premise of the film is thin and moves at break-neck speed, perhaps so viewers won't recognize the story-line is bereft of focus. There's little for the viewer to connect with. The rookie director just didn't bring out actor-ability or premise texture. You just wanted to grind ahead, hoping something up front would be better than the humorless scenes that passed. Even Tyler Williams (from TV's "Everybody Hates Chris") seemed out of place and overdone. The film really needed the likes of ice Cube to loosen it up and send it on a much more plausible and amusing entertainment trip. A funny film?? Who says? ~mm

Reviewed by valeriagood 9 / 10 / 10

Browsing Netflix and found a lighthearted movie.

Watching Peeples turned out to be a pleasant way to pass time while I'm away from home on an extended business trip. I remember seeing the Peeples trailers on TV and online last year, but I forgot about the movie until I browsed on Netflix. Granted, the movie definitely isn't Oscar material, but it's definitely a fun movie to watch. There have been movies I've viewed that made me regret I wasted my time watching them and left me feeling upset because I couldn't get that 90 or 120 minutes back. Peeples isn't one of those movies. Peeples is a movie that is relaxing to watch. You won't burn too much white matter viewing the movie, but it makes one think about pretentiousness and 'rich people's problems' can be. Don't go in with seriousness when you watch this movie. It's lighthearted with the feathery touches on love, humor, priorities, family, acceptance and life choices. I didn't know Tyler Perry made the movie until I viewed the credits. It didn't make a difference, but it surprised me that he made it. He's definitely changing up his movie- making style or at least adding to it. I enjoyed the movie. I'll watch it again with my family on movie night. It's kind of cute how Kerry Washington claps her hands in happiness in Peeples like she did in Django. David Allen Grier made for a very unlikely patriarch, but he pulled it off nicely due to the nice chemistry with S. Epatha Merkerson and the other cast members who made up the family and his conflicts with Craig Robinson. I liked the entire cast. I hope Tyler Perry makes a Peeples II. He can polish it up a bit for the naysayers or leave it 'as is' for a nice continuation, but I fell in love with the Peeples clan. They truly have room to develop as characters on screen. It would be interesting to see what Tyler Perry comes up with in the sequel. I'm going to buy a ticket to go to the movie theater if he brings the lovable clan back to life in a sequel, though.

Reviewed by Jorge Mori 9 / 10 / 10

Craig Robinson & David Allen Grier are effortlessly funny and Kerry sizzles!

I'm stunned how severely this movie was panned, it simply doesn't deserve it. I was entertained throughout, it is a fun film with no pretensions to be anything else. I always enjoy performances by Robinson and Grier, they are so subtly funny it's hard to imagine someone not enjoying anything they're in. Kerry in her 'school uniform' was a revelation and in a very good way. I was introduced to Kerry when she played opposite Jamie Foxx in 'Ray' and she has proved she can play in any film genre. Actually the whole cast was superb. Kali is adorable as always so what's not to like? You Grinch's should give this movie another pass you just might find it enjoyable!

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