Pengar - en tragikomisk saga



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Oldenbur 10 / 10 / 10

A proof of Poppe's genius

This film is a proof of Poppe's genius as an actor. Not only does the story with the seven workers in the forest and little innocent Harry Orvar resemble the fairy tale "Snow White" but it also shows that Poppe could play all varieties of roles - from comedy to tragedy. There is the scene where the poor Harry Orvar, who has hardly ever had money - and almost never bills, only coins, takes on a job to get money for food for him and his girl. The job turns out to be to burn used money at the mint. What he does in that scene - with the money - is truly great acting from, in my opinion, the greatest Swedish actor of all times. I can't help laughing at the scenes in the forest - and I can't help crying at the money scene. See this film and marvel at great acting - long before special effects were needed to enhance the actors.

Reviewed by pontus-13 / 10

A personal favorite of both Bergman and Chaplin.

Nils Poppe's brilliant, timeless tragic comedy. Regarded by Ingmar Bergman as one of thirty best Swedish films ever made (Poppe starred a decade later as Jof in The Seventh Seal). It's rumoured that this was one of the few films enjoyed by Charlie Chaplin. 10/10

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