Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by emiele4 1 / 10 / 10

Did they even read the book? Worst Movie of the YEAR! If not Ever!

The first question I must ask myself is if Chris Columbus can even read... Because obviously he never read the books. Well maybe he read the back cover summary, its the only reference to the book in the movie. As for the book, Rick Riordan should be ashamed for letting anyone slaughter, I take that back, Massacre, his artwork in such a way. Not only were critical details left out of this story but the entire story was altered in such a way that a remake and an refund should be in place for all readers. The story line itself may have needed a little touching up for the big- screen but leaving out Kronos, Mr. D, Clarisse, The Oracle, blaming Hades, and everything else (I can go on for 375 pages) is unforgivable. If the plan was to make one lone movie and never touch Percy Jackson again, they were successful. I will never again be able to attend a Chris Columbus movie. Not even a free one. In their defense, if you had never read the books the cast did a good job on a kids movie. The amount of money spent to screw up a story this awesome is mind boggling. Please do not support the future career of the screen writer and director by spending your money. They should both be banished to Tartarus for such a crime! Long story short It is difficult to even write a review as it makes my blood pressure skyrocket to unhealthy levels. Signed, Devoted, Story loving readers of Rick Riordan

Reviewed by Tk Mcghee 4 / 10 / 10

Chris Columbus doesn't need to do anymore "adaptations"

OK when I went to see this movie I knew it wouldn't be exactly like the books... However, what I saw was horrendous. This movie was so awful and it's worse because they deliberately just changed all things that would make this movie at least similar to the book. First... I do not agree with ANY of the casting. Did anyone else notice they left out Ares and Clarrise out? So how are they going to explain her mission if they get so far as that movie? They also left out Dionysus... Why? They left out Thalia's tree.. So in the next movie when Grover leaves and her tree is poisoned how will it be explained? This is the problem that Harry Potter has... Leaving out important things to add fluff and special effects let's face it the last HP movie sucked. They also changed unnecessary things. Like Chiron being a white centaur. Or Mrs. Dodds being a MATH teacher. Changing the layout of the camp. Even changing the story of how Luke got the shoes. Fail as a movie. Last I have more to complain about bit why cut out Kronos since it all ends with him? Idk this just sucked! Horribly!

Reviewed by Robyn Gall 4 / 10 / 10

Oh Zeus, Poisidon, Hades, Hermes... Help us all...

Christ... The film scriptor, editor, director, and near to, if not all, other staff and actors and actresses need a good firing... To be honest, I did not think that the film was going to be the best... Especially because I had read the books and Absolutely loved them, but this! This is tragedy in film form... As I was walking into the cinema, I had someone comment that the main character seemed very pretentious and that it was unlikely he was chosen for his acting talent, which turned out to be exceptionally true. Logan Lerman just did not cut the Percy Jackson role and left out a huge proportion of awe and "OH MY GOD! I'M THE SON OF POISIDON!" and instead cut straight to the bad puns and obvious brand advertising! Great... A new generation of idiots thinking that the iPhone will defeat Medusa/Urma Thurman. The film effects were mediocre, action-style we've-seen-it-all-before. The acting from almost everyone with, maybe, the exception of Urma Thurman who was the only actress with any kind of strength to her acting, either exceptionally weak or the actor/actress were wrongly cast, such as Pierce Brosnan. Lots of plot and characters were either completely changed, or just simply missing... I miss Dionysus T^T. What happened to Percy not finding out his powers as soon as he arrives? Nearly the whole of the Camp Half-Blood scenes were useless or wrong. Where were the days and months spent there? I understand that they wanted to make the film shorter, but they are just cutting plot and it's WRONG! What about Luke? He had some REAL background and was a much more interesting character, although, Jake Abel plays his part reasonably well considering he doesn't really have ANY reason to hate the gods... Okay, he doesn't really like them and wants to overthrow them... WHY? It's explained in the book and just left alone in the film and how is he playing COD on PS3? It doesn't happen! Surely they could have just given him a 360 controller? Nope... Guess what... It's MORE brand advertising! Yay... I apologise for just slagging this film off, but not only did they manage to create a film tragedy that is nearly on par with the pile of *$%!£ that is named Eragon, but they managed to ruin ANOTHER great book... Still... Good points! Let's be positive... Humm... This may take a minute... Well, it was good as a stand-alone film, if it had nothing to with the book and was called something completely different. I'm sure there are a few more positive things about that film, but I don't remember because I was too busy trying to ignore the awful parts. I'm sorry if I have upset and depressed you all with this review, maybe you should put down all Percy Jackson merch. and film and go see something less... Bad...

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